Salah Lebsir Political prisoner and Saharawi journalist transferred to Bouzakarn prison

PUSL.- The political activist and Saharawi media activist, Salah Eddine Lebsir, was transferred from Tata prison to the Bouzakarn prison last night.

Salah Eddine Lebsir was arrested on June 6, 2015, for his participation in peaceful demonstrations in the city of Smara, vindicating the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people. He is a political activist and journalist known to the Moroccan authorities. Lebsir was sentenced to 4 years ending his sentence in June 2019.

During the time of incarceration, he has carried out several hunger strikes, demanding humane treatment and respect for his elementary rights.

The jornalist was now transferred from Tata prison that is 719Km from El Aaiun (capital of Western Sahara) to Bouzakarn which is 479km away. Read more

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Australian Labour Party approves resolution supporting self determination of the Saharawi people

PUSL.- The Australian Labour Party passed a resolution during its National Conference this week. The australian Labour party is expected to win the next parlamentarian electionsin 2019.

The approved resolution on Saharawi self-determination expresses full support for the efforts of the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, to revive the peace process between parties to the dispute in Western Sahara.

The Australian Labour party also expresses deep concern about the situation of human rights in Western Sahara and urges the UN to mandate its mission in Western Sahara to monitor and uphold human rights. Read more

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Gdeim Izik prisoners the plight does not end

PUSL.- 518 days have passed since the last sentencing of the Saharawi political prisoners known as Gdeim Izik Prisoners.

2963 days after the dismantling of the non-violent Gdeim Izik protest camp and the following detentions and abductions of Saharawi civilians.

The 19 detainees of the Gdeim Izik group are still subjected to ill-treatment, harassment and even torture after two trials (military trial in 2010 and Appeal court in 2016/2017).

Medical attention is denied to these prisoners, who suffer not only from the consequences of the brutal tortures they were submitted to but also from chronical diseases that were pre-existing or acquired after detention due to the conditions of detainment, like asthma, rheumatism, diabetes,   amongst other.  Read more

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