EP approves extension of trade agreement with Morocco to Western Sahara based on a lie and disrespecting the CJEU

PUSL.- The European Parliament approved today an amendment to the trade liberalization agreement between the European Union and Morocco in order to extend to Western Sahara the preferential treatment accorded to Moroccan products in clear disregard for the judgment of December 2016 of the Court of Justice of the The European Union (CJEU), which upheld a complaint by the Polisario Front (legitimate representative of the Saharawi people) and considered that the agreement concluded with Morocco – which came into force in 2013 – did not provide a legal basis for the inclusion of Western Sahara since the territory is distinct and separate from Morocco and therefore could not apply to this territory except with the consent of the Saharawi people.

In the clear intention of disregarding the judgment, the EU Council then gave the European Commission a mandate to change the liberalization agreement by means of an unwarranted maneuver and a “free” interpretation, changing the meaning of the judgment. To that end, the term “saharawi people” is replaced by the term “local population”, which includes the Moroccan settlers introduced by the occupying state after the invasion of the non-self-governing territory in 1975. The aim was to establish the appearance of a legal base that would allow the saharawi products the treatment and benefits applied by the EU to Moroccan products. The plunder of the Saharawi resources by Morocco is so significant that it justifies and finances a massive military presence in the occupied territories and the maintenance of the world’s largest separation wall (2720km). Read more

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