Moroccan Authority Brutally Kicks Out a Polish Lawyer From Western Sahara and Morocco

Nushatta Foundation Staff Fri, 18th Jan, 2019 Agadir- (Morocoo) Around 5 a.m., plains-clothes Moroccan police officers raided the house of a Saharawi student, and apprehended a Polish lawyer for having meetings with Saharawi students pro-POLISARIO. The Nushatta Foundation discovered that this incident took place the day before yesterday in Agadir city, Morocco, on 16 Jan 2019.

Moroccan secret service in cars had kept the Polish lawyer Mrs. Justyna Paulina Wróbel under close surveillance for 512,66 km since she was deported to Agadir last Sunday from the checkpoint at the entrance of El-Aaiùn in Western Sahara, where she had to endure an unlawful interrogation and investigation by the Moroccan authorities regarding of the reasons for her visit.

“You know the reason,” was the only response by one of the Moroccan officers to the questions of Mrs. Paulina Wróbel in protest against the misuse of authority, the unlawful arrest and the mistreatment that she experienced, which was fully out of the procedure of law due to the absence of a search warrant. Read more

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