Amnesty Internacional – Moroccan authorities use unnecessary force

PUSL.- Non-governmental organization Amnesty International denounced on Tuesday the pressure exerted by the authorities of the Moroccan occupation against peaceful demonstrations in the occupied Sahrawi cities.

In its annual report Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Review of 2018, Amnesty International highlights the repression and human rights violations exerted by the authorities of the Moroccan occupation against the Saharawi population in the occupied territory of Western Sahara. Read more

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February 27, 1976: Proclamation of the Independence of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

PUSL.- Polisario Front proclaimed the constitution of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic on February 27, 1976, a day after the last Spanish presences left the area. Overnight the territory passed from Spanish hands to Moroccan and Mauritanian hands. Mauritania signed its peace agreement with the Polisario front in 1979, renouncing its rights over the Saharawi territory and the Organization of the African Union and different countries have recognized the new republic. However, Morocco, instead of doing the same, annexed the part to which Mauritania resigned and continued with the occupation.

To this day a part of the Saharawi people suffers a harsh repression in their own country at the hands of the Moroccan invader, another part survives in the Saharawi Refugee Camps in the Hamada near Tindouf. But the spirit of the founders of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is still alive in each and every Sahrawi who daily struggle so that their cause does not fall into oblivion and so that once and for all justice is done.



Read more

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VIII Congress of the National Union of Saharawi Women (NUSW)

PUSL.- The VIII Congress of the National Union of Saharawi Women (NUSW), which took place in the wilaya of Ausserd in the Saharawi refugee camps, on February 23-25, under the theme “Together we march towards victory and liberation” was a platform to raise awareness of the Saharawi cause and to inform foreign participants about the experience of the Saharawi State in various fields.

The participants discussed the strategy and policy for the work of the Union for the next four years, as well as the election of a new Secretary General and members of the Executive Board.

A large number of foreign delegations participated from Africa, Europe and Latin America, including Spain, Italy, Cuba, Namibia, South Africa, India, Mozambique, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, delegates from Arab countries such as Egypt and Syria and delegates from various international women’s organizations, such as the International Women’s Federation, the International Women’s March, the Portuguese Democratic Women’s Movement and the Madrid Women’s Network. Read more

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I International Conference on University Cooperation with Western Sahara in Tifariti

PUSL.- On February 25, 26 and 27, the 1st Conference on University Cooperation with Western Sahara takes place in the Saharawi Refugee Camps on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of the International Seminar of Universities where the founding of the University of Tifariti was proposed .

The University of Tifariti is an institution under the Ministry of Education of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), and is located in Tifariti, in the liberated territories of Western Sahara.

The Conference aims to contribute to the development of the Tifariti University by jointly reflecting on the challenges of universities in the near future, expanding cooperation relations and South-South and North-South academic dialogue, and defining a strategy of university cooperation that leads to its definitive consolidation. Read more

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EU must recognise legitimate struggle of Sahrawi people for freedom & rights

GUE/NGL – 25/02/2019 .- Gabi Zimmer (DIE LINKE, Germany), Paloma López (Izquierda Unida, Spain) and Ángela Vallina (Izquierda Unida, Spain) will visit the Tindouf refugee camps in Algeria, attend the Congress of the National Union of Sahrawi Women and take part in the National Day commemorations, on Wednesday.

The visit comes at a particularly sensitive time after the European Parliament voted to extend the EU-Morocco Association Agreement and a Fisheries Partnership to cover Western Sahara, without the consent of the Sahrawi people and in violation of an ECJ ruling.

At the same time, the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Maghreb countries (DMAG) will be in Morocco and Algeria with a programme that ignores the existence of the Sahrawi people and their plight. Read more

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US Congress delegation visits Saharawi refugee camps

PUSL – February 24, 2019 .- A delegation from the USA composed of 17 personalities including six parlamentarians, headed by James Inhofe Chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, and Finance Committee Chairman Enzi Michael Bradley.

The President of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and Secretary General of the POLISARIO front, Brahim Ghali, received this Sunday the US delegation.

Speaking to the press, after an interview with the President of the Republic, Brahim Gali, Mr. Inhofe said that the visit of this important delegation “falls within the framework of the encouragement of the peoples right to the recovery of freedom desired for years”. Read more

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Mohamed Ayoubi – without justice one year after his death

PUSL.- Mohamed Ayoubi, a political prisoner of Gdeim Izik on parole, died on the 22nd of February 2018 in El Aaiun, the first mortal victim of this group of Saharawi national heroes, unjustly condemned by the occupying regime to 20 years toile in prison. Morocco is responsible for this death one more in a long history of assassinations, torture, forced disappearances, bombing, the slow genocide of the Saharawi people will only end on the day that Morocco leaves the occupied territories and the international community assumes its responsibility.

Ayoubi who was detained by the Moroccan occupation authorities during the dismantling of Gdeim Izik on 8 November 2010, a victim of rape and physical and psychological torture for several days at both the headquarters of the Gendarmerie and the police station in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, was transferred with several detainees from the Gdeim Izik group on 11 November 2010 to Salé Rabat in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Due to the torture he suffered, he had to stay in a wheelchair during his time of detention in Salé 2 until 12 January 2011 when he was transferred to the Souissi Rabat hospital where he was hospitalized until 28 February 2011. Read more

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Western Sahara: Major General Zia Ur Rehman, of Pakistan, Appointed Commander of MINURSO

Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO)

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today announced the appointment of Major General Zia Ur Rehman of Pakistan as Force Commander of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO).

Major General Ur Rehman succeeds Major General Xiaojun Wang of China, whose tour of duty ended on 17 February 2019.  The Secretary-General is grateful to Major General Wang for his exemplary service and contribution to the work of MINURSO. Read more

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Southern African Development Community prepares support conference for the Saharawi Republic and Polisario Front in South Africa and Namibia

Source:  South African Consulate general New York City  /  EIC Poemario por un Sahara Libre

The South African Minister of International Relations and Operation, Lindiwe Sisulu, announced on Wednesday 13/02 the date of the International Conference of the Economic Community of Southern African States, SADC, on Western Sahara.

The Minister of International Relations and Operation, said “South Africa remains committed to its position of principles, in support of the inalienable right of the Saharawi people to their self-determination and independence, a position based on the resolutions and decisions expressed by the SADC, the AU and United Nations. “By demonstrating our continued commitment to the struggle of the Saharawi people, South Africa and Namibia will host the SADC Solidarity Conference on Western Sahara in South Africa from 25 to 26 March 2019,” said the head of South African diplomacy. Read more

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LECOQ, Chairman of the Study Group for Western Sahara: The situation of Saharawi political prisoners is extremely serious and urgent

PUSL interviewed MP Jean Paul Lecoq, President of the Study Group for Western Sahara of the French National Assembly. This Group is composed of MP’s that range from the right to the left wing.

On the 14th of February Maître Olfa Ouled, lawyer of 18 of the Saharawi political prisoners known as Gdeim Izik Group and Ms. Isabel Lourenço international observer and member of Fundación Sahara Occidental debriefed the Group on the current situation of the Saharawi Political Prisoners detained in Morocco. Read more

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