Western Sahara: Security Council renews MINURSO mandate for 6 months

PUSL.- At today’s meeting of the Security Council (SC) on Western Sahara, the extension of the mandate of MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara) was adopted with 13 votes in favour and two abstentions (Russian Federation and South Africa) for six months.

All members of the SC support the efforts of the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy, Mr. Horst Koehler, and the performance of MINURSO and Colin Stewart.

The approved text was written by the United States, which was disappointed with the two abstentions and emphasized the need to accelerate the process to reach a mutually acceptable and realistic solution that results in the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

France, Morocco’s historical ally said that a realistic political process is needed and that Morocco’s proposed autonomy plan is a credible solution. They voted in favour, but they prefer a one-year rather than six-month mandate, arguing that they are more stable mandates. Read more

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Ali Saadoni sentenced to 7 months in prison and trial of Zein Abidin Salek “Bounaaje” postponed

PUSL.- At the end of yesterday the Saharawi activist Ali Saadoni was sentenced to 7 months in prison and a fine of 5000 Dirham (480Euros).

Access to the trial was restricted, assisting the mother and sister of Saadoni but the Saharawi activists were prevented from entering as well as the translator of two Spanish lawyers accredited by the Spanish lawyer Bar Association.

The defense lawyer denounced the various violations of law procedures and asserts that it was not a trial with the necessary guarantees to be considered a fair and impartial trial.

Saadoni denounced once again that he was a victim of torture and ill-treatment by the Moroccan authorities and denied all the accusations. Read more

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Statement: POLISARIO Front has seized the European Court of Justice an action for annulment of the EU / Morocco agreement of 28 January 2019

The Frente POLISARIO entered with the registry of the Court of Justice of the European Union an action for annulment against the decision of 28th January 2019, whereby the European Union concluded an association agreement with Morocco, deciding that this agreement would apply also to the territory of Western Sahara.

In its judgment of 21st December 2016, the CJEU ruled that Morocco and Western Sahara were two distinct and separate territories, and that there could be economic activity on the territory only with the consent of the people of Western Sahara. These principles were confirmed by two judgments of 2018, concerning fishing and airspace.

The POLISARIO Front had immediately demonstrated to negotiate the agreements necessary for the development of the territory, in compliance with the decisions of the CJEU. European leaders have made another choice. As the Court said that there could be no “de facto application”, they imagined a “law enforcement” mechanism, inventing an explicit process of extending the EU agreement / MOROCCO on the territory of Western Sahara. This is a serious violation of the principle of sovereignty. Read more

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Detentions and hunger strikes and trials of Saharawi political prisoners

PUSL.- The Moroccan occupation regime continues its wave of arbitrary detentions of Saharawi activists.

Last Thursday, 25th of April Zein Abidin Salek “Bounaaje”, a former Saharawi political prisoner was detained and sent Saturday to the Black Jail of El Aaiun, known for its harsh conditions.

Zein Abidin Salek “Bounaaje will be presented to court today and is accused of drug possession although the real reason was his participations in a peaceful demonstration las Thursday when the Saharawi populations in El Aaiun went to the streets demanding self-determination and the end of the illegal occupation by Morocco. This demonstration was organized bu the Coordination of Saharawi Human Rights Associations.

The trial of Saharawi activist Ali Saadoni, which was postponed twice, is also scheduled for today. Read more

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El-Aaiun sieged by Occupation Forces

Equipe Media April 25, 2019 – El-Aaiun – Occupied Western Sahara

On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Moroccan occupation forces were deployed throughout occupied El-Aaiun to prevent demonstrations demanding a referendum in addition to the release of all Saharawi detainees who are in Moroccan prisons, and to put an end to the looting of Sahrawi natural resources.

The Coordination of human rights associations in El-Aaiun did not specify a place for the demonstration. While hundreds of Moroccan police officers both in civilian clothes and uniform blocked not only Essmara street but all the streets in the city centre trying to prevent the protesters from gathering there.

Meanwhile Several protesters have suffered the repression by Moroccan occupation forces next to the Nagjir hotel, housing MINURSO staff. Read more

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Saadoni Saharawi activist on hunger strike – Trial postponed for the second time

PUSL.- The trial of Saharawi activist Ali Saadoni was postponed yesterday for the second time and is scheduled for next Monday 29 April.

Saadoni entered the court shouting slogans for the independence of Western Sahara and in support of the Polisario Front.

His lawyer asked the court to release Saadoni while awaiting trial, which was refused.

The Saharawi activist said in court that he had been tortured and that he was on hunger strike in protest against the ill-treatment, torture and accusations fabricated against him. He also denied that he had signed the police document with false statements.

The court was surrounded by Moroccan occupation forces and access to the building was barred from the Saharawi population and activists who wanted to attend the trial. Read more

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Sahrawi political prisoner Mohamed Bourial suspends hunger strike after 30 days

PUSL.- Mohamed Bourial who went on hunger strike on 20th March suspended his strike today after 30 days.

The Sahrawi political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik is in an alarming state of health and did not have any type of medical assistance during the hunger strike.

Following the visit of the Director of Tiflet2 Prison and a representative of the DGAPR (Directorate General of Penitentiary Administration and Social Reintegration) and the promise that he will be transferred to a prison closer to his family in the summer, Mohamed Bourial has suspended his hunger strike.

Mohamed Bourial, who has a 30-year sentence, is in prolonged isolation, is a victim of ill-treatment. He is detained in Tiflet2 Prison in Morocco, more than 1,300 km from his family who resides in El Aaiun, Western Sahara. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner Amaadour presented to court, trial postponed and still on hunger strike

PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) was brought to court on Tuesday, April 16 after 90 days of arbitrary detention (maximum term of detention without trial). The court did not inform the defence lawyer, which for that reason, did not appear and the trial was postponed to June 11.

The “forgetting” of the court in summoning the defence lawyer thus causes Amaadour to remain detained for 147 days without in pre-trial detention which is illegal.

A manoeuvre often used when it comes to Saharawi political prisoners whose trials are postponed consecutively, thus extending the period of pre-trial detention far beyond the time allowed by law. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour in Hunger strike

PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) entered a hunger strike on April 9th against the extreme ill treatment and also the arbitrary denial of family visits.

The student leader was handed out to the Moroccan authorities in Nadour , Morocco, on 17th January by the Spanish authorities who expelled Amaadour after his arrival in Canaries Island without due process after his request for political asylum.

On arrival in Nadour, the young man was subjected to a first interrogation by the Moroccan authorities, based on the search and arrest warrant.

According to the information of the family Amaadour refused to sign the documents that were presented to him since the content does not correspond to his statements. Read more

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