BOURIAL’s family, prisoner of the GDEIM IZIK group, in protest

PUSL.- Yesterday, March 31 at the end of the afternoon the Family of Mohamed Bourial, a Saharawi political prisoner on hunger strike organized a non-violent protest in El Aaiun.

The family wanted to express their support for Bourial and to denounce the situation of the political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group.

In the House of the Family the demonstrators began to organize themselves in the middle of the afternoon, preparing the posters and Saharawi flags. Moroccan occupation police immediately surrounded the house and prevented demonstrators from leaving as can be seen in the video: Read more

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Intentional medical malpractice – the weapon of slow genocide

Mohamed Ali Massik

PUSL – JORNAL TORNADO.- Mohamed Ali Massik, a 37-year-old Saharawi, died in September 2016 after a long suffering and two years of intentional medical malpractice by the Moroccan state which did not treat his kidney disease , reports his brother Malainine Massik.

Mohamed was a young graduate and as many of his companions peacefully protested for the right to employment in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

The movement of young unemployed Sahrawi with higher degrees has gained increasing expression in the last six years, with peaceful demonstrations demanding the right to employment.

Morocco illegally occupies the greater part of the territory of Western Sahara since 1975 when it invaded the Spanish colony and transformed it into an open-air prison and implemented a system of social, economic and political apartheid. Young Sahrawi find no job while Moroccan settlers receive incentives to settle in the territory with higher salaries, job opportunities and reduced taxes. This is not a new technique and it has been used over the centuries to force demographic change, in this case to eradicate and impoverish the Saharawi population. Read more

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