Trial against Nazha Khatari El-Khalidi postponed until June 24

PUSL, May 20, 2019 .- According to the information by Equipe Media the trial of the Saharawi activist and journalist of Equipe Media, Nazha Khatari El-Khalidi has been postponed until June 24.

The delay of the proceedings against El Khalidi was justified by the court with the need to further inspect the contents of Ms. El Khalidi’s mobile phone that was confiscated by the police early December of last year.

Ms. El Khalidi faces serious charges for recording a peaceful demonstration of Sahrawi citizens in the streets of El-Aaiún, capital of Western Sahara that is occupied by the Moroccan Kingdom since 1975.

In the context of the same judicial process, on May 19 the Moroccan occupation forces expelled seven international observers that intended to attend the trial. The five Spanish lawyers and two Norwegian members from RAFTO foundation who intended to observe the proceedings of the trial where expelled without any justification other than “that it is forbidden to enter Western Sahara” at the border control at the Airport of El Aaiun by the Moroccan authorities. Read more

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20 May 1973 – the first armed action of the Polisario Front against Spanish colonialism

PUSL.- On May 20, 1973, only ten days after its foundation, the Polisario Front carried out its first armed action against Spanish colonialism. The target was the police station of El Janga.

This action was the first that marked the beginning of the war of liberation and quickly surpassed Spain’s ability to respond and its control over the Saharawi territory.

The following actions strengthened the prestige of the Polisario Front not only vis-à-vis the Saharawi population but also among the Saharawis who served in the Spanish colonial army.

History is known, Spain sold the territory and its inhabitants as if they were a herd of goats to Morocco and Mauritania, yielding this extremely rich country in the Madrid agreements, in an illegal and criminal way.

Then followed the bombing of the Saharawi population with Napalm and White Phosphorus, the Black March (called the Green by the Moroccans), thousands of dead, tortured, disappeared and a war of resistance and valor of the Saharawi until 1991, when the cease-fire was signed. Read more

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