Diplomacy and international relations have kept the Sahrawi in agony for more than four decades

Atabongwoung Gallous – President of Africa Solidarity for Sahara

PUSL.- On the 23rd of May, 2019, prior to Africa Day Celebration. Professor John Trimble hosted an African Liberation Day Forum at Elim Full Gospel Church in Pretoria on the theme – Revolutionary Pan-Africanism calls us to unite and forge a definitive struggle against neo-colonialism: Forward to one unified socialist Africa.

The theme is extremely interesting but I had to address the the case of Western Sahara/Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – Africa’s last colony as a retard decolonization project. Which hitherto, amongst other things is non-conformity to the dreams and aspirations of African Unity and Africa socialism or African Communalism as Professor Vusi Gumede would argue.

And while there is an Africa day celebration every 25th of May, it is evident that the Sahrawi community in the Diaspora, the Refugee camps and the occupied territory have a contrary sentiment against populist opinion of Africans who after transgressing the state of commodification from slavery, slave trade and colonialism, have become emotional beings.

The Sahrawi wondering in their solitude even though they have support from an important number of African governments see Africa day as a day of betrayal to their cause if Africa doesn’t mount the right political pressure that will guarantee them to regain their material independence. So what then could Africa be celebrating, if all eyes pointing at the hand gun shape piece of land North West of Africa/the Western Sahara is still under colonial subjugation and occupation by a neighbouring country.

After many decades that the cease-fire-agreement signed in 1991 has established MINURSO (UN Mission for the realization of the Referendum of Western Sahara) the but the organization of a Referendum is still pending to decide the fate of that piece of land and it’s people, the Saharawi.

The most recent development two days before Africa day celebration was that of the resignation of Horst Köhler – the UN envoy for the territory of Western Sahara. With official version that he resigned on grounds of health challenges further leaves all efforts to resolving a decades-long dispute in limbo.

The unintended consequences of such disappointment is that, not only the fast track of the reinitiated on-going dialogues will experience delay, it might take many years again to regain the 2019 momentum that was applauded by witness governments. Hence, in my humble opinion, there is no reason to celebrate Africa day when there is still an intimate colonialism right under our watchful eyes. Un-/fortunately, Africa Day celebration coincided with the Muslim Ramadan.

The big question that comes in mind is the state of conscience of the colonial occupiers of Western Sahara. If they claim that they are connected to the history of the Muslim prophet Mohammad, and if they claim to hold at high esteem the logic of purity, brotherliness and good neighbourliness and a just conscience towards Allah as prophesied by their holy prophet. Why can’t they, for the purpose of sound Islamic theology, allow a referendum to take place so that the outcome of the referendum speaks for itself?

Whether Western Sahara will be independent and part of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic or whether Western Sahara will be integrated into the Moroccan Kingdom.
A just universal suffrage in the context of a genuine referendum is the judge of this long lasting conflict that keeps pushing Africans apart from each other. A referendum that was the basis of the cease fire agreement and which was accepted by both part the Moroccan invader and the Polisario Front, legitimate representative of the Saharawi People.

Not only would this referendum add legitimacy to international law provision, it will also bring to silence all echoes of free Sahrawi campaigns. And mind you, there is no commendable unity or socialism that Africa can enjoy as long as the Sahrawi republic keeps lingering in exile.

Yes to the fact that, the Sahrawi Republic – SADR is a founding member of the African Union and enjoys all privileges as an independent state. The danger of such truth is that, when truth doesn’t change the situation of an existing political reality, it affects even the nucleus of genuine legality. The consequence is a return to arm struggle-war.

Though war is a refusal of dialogue or a dialogue without the definite outcome. I will suggest that, in as much as the African union which as I always mention is a ‘toothless bulldog’, with neo-colonial sisters as puppet leadership who fit perfectly in the prism of imperial design – I write what I want. It is high time for the allies of Sahrawi Republic to exercise a possible joint military option against the colonial occupier of the Western Sahara. Seeing diplomacy and international relations had kept the Sahrawi in agony for more than four decades. The humanitarian crisis and the untold human suffering perpetrated by double standards and hypocrisy in global politics.

There must be a mass mobilization towards a joint military effort. If not, one need to mobilise resources to collapse the entire global system if that is the case. So that we all go back to the drawing board and start all over. The African Union and the United Nations Security Council have failed the Sahrawi Republic.


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