I Saharawi Day “Paco Sánchez Falcón” focused on the situation of the children and students of Western Sahara

PUSL.- The First Saharawi Conference “Paco Sánchez Falcón”, a pro-Saharawi activist who died suddenly last March, was held in Lebrija.

This day was dedicated to the Sahrawi children and began with the intervention of the Mayor of Lebrija, Pepe Barroso, who welcomed the many people who gathered there, remembering the figure of Paco and his life committed to solidarity. The president expressed the commitment of the City Council to support the Saharawi cause and their desire that they could return soon to their free and independent country.

After the intervention of the President, Mohamed Zrug, delegate of the Polisario Front in Andalusia, started the Conference on the Saharawi children in exile in the refugee camps in Tindouf, stressing the importance given by the government of SADR (Saharawi Arabe Deocratic Republic) to health and education, despite the limited means they have. The work and effort of SADR has allowed three generations to move from the majority of the illiterate population to 30% of young people with higher education and 100% of literacy in refugee camps. He thanked the collaboration of associations and public institutions, including the City of Lebrija, and stressed the importance that Paco Sánchez Falcón had in the sporting plan, but above all his human dimension and solidarity with the Saharawi people. Zrug expressed his wish that, one day, sooner or later, Saharawi children could live in their country, now illegally occupied by Morocco.

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