Saharawi activists who were brutally beaten presented to court

PUSL.- The three activists that the Moroccan authorities brutally beat at the reception of the political prisoner and journalist Salah Lebsir, who was released on 7 June, were arrested and brought to court.

After the brutal intervention in Smara, Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal were transferred yesterday June 10 to the city of El Aaiun and presented to the court of appeal to the investigative judge.

Ali Al-Taluki was present at the court of Smara on the same day.

Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal are now detained in the black prison of El Aaiun in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

According to several sources the three activists whose attack was filmed are in a serious health condition due to the beatings and subsequent torture by the Moroccan authorities.

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PUSL.- According to Sahrawi Human Rights Activists Moroccan occupation authorities arrested Eyub Ali Buyema, a young Sahrawi at the airport in Casablanca to prevent him from travelling for medical treatment today to Algiers and arrested him.

Moroccan occupation authorities arrested Eyub Ali Buyema at Casablanca airport as he was on his way to Algiers to receive medical treatment for his injuries that resulted from an intentional attack by a police car that run him over in 2018.

The young man and his mother were surprised at the airport by the Moroccan authorities when they alleged that the young Saharawi had an outstanding arrest warrant since 2016. This allegation is fabricated by the occupation authorities since if this was true they had ample opportunity to arrest him since he has spent several weeks in hospital in June 2018. The arrest warrant would have been issued when he was 16 years old and the inability of the Moroccan authorities to find a student in El Aaiun for two years is not at all credible.

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PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) was brought to court in Marrakesh today, 11th of June but postponed for the second time. The trial is now scheduled for June 25th. Amaadour will therefore be in arbitrary detention for 161 days.

Tuesday, April 16 after 90 days of arbitrary detention (maximum term of detention without trial) the trial was postponed since the court did not inform the defence lawyer, which for that reason, did not appear and the trial was postponed for today June 11.

The “forgetting” of the court in summoning the defence lawyer thus causes Amaadour to remain detained for 147 days without in pre-trial detention which is illegal.

A manoeuvre often used when it comes to Saharawi political prisoners whose trials are postponed consecutively, thus extending the period of pre-trial detention far beyond the time allowed by law.

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Reporters Without Borders denounces the relentless Moroccan persecution of Sahrawi journalists

  • Reporters without borders requires Morocco to allow the international press to enter Western Sahara
  • Urges the Moroccan Government to guarantee fair judicial processes for Sahrawi journalists and respect for their physical and psychological integrity
  • Exercising journalism in the Spanish ex-colony is an “act of heroism” and its protagonists pay with arbitrary detentions, harassment of their families, torture, unjust sentences and jail
  • Reporters WB asks Spain and France to break their usual “complicit silence” with Morocco

Alfonso Lafarga / Contramutis .- Reporters Without Borders (RWB) has denounced the persecution suffered by Sahrawi journalists by Morocco, which handles with “iron hand” the information in Western Sahara, punishes “relentlessly” the exercise of local journalism and blocks access of foreign media.

RWB requires Morocco to allow the international press to enter Western Sahara, with freedom of movement through the territory, and put an end to the expulsion of journalists, while urging the Moroccan Government to guarantee fair judicial processes for the Saharawi journalists imprisoned, with whom the demands of the UN regarding their release must be met.

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I Saharawi Day “Paco Sánchez Falcón” focused on the situation of the children and students of Western Sahara

PUSL.- The First Saharawi Conference “Paco Sánchez Falcón”, a pro-Saharawi activist who died suddenly last March, was held in Lebrija.

This day was dedicated to the Sahrawi children and began with the intervention of the Mayor of Lebrija, Pepe Barroso, who welcomed the many people who gathered there, remembering the figure of Paco and his life committed to solidarity. The president expressed the commitment of the City Council to support the Saharawi cause and their desire that they could return soon to their free and independent country.

After the intervention of the President, Mohamed Zrug, delegate of the Polisario Front in Andalusia, started the Conference on the Saharawi children in exile in the refugee camps in Tindouf, stressing the importance given by the government of SADR (Saharawi Arabe Deocratic Republic) to health and education, despite the limited means they have. The work and effort of SADR has allowed three generations to move from the majority of the illiterate population to 30% of young people with higher education and 100% of literacy in refugee camps. He thanked the collaboration of associations and public institutions, including the City of Lebrija, and stressed the importance that Paco Sánchez Falcón had in the sporting plan, but above all his human dimension and solidarity with the Saharawi people. Zrug expressed his wish that, one day, sooner or later, Saharawi children could live in their country, now illegally occupied by Morocco.

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Moroccan authorities brutally beat several Saharawis at the reception to a political prisoner released in occupied Sahara

PÚBLICO.- A video released by Eqipe Media shows how a group they identify as Moroccan auxiliary forces is attacking three people who went to Smara to receive prisoner Salah Lebsir, who was released last Friday after serving four years in prison for participate in peaceful demonstrations for the self-determination of the Sahara.

A group of men armed with sticks brutally beat three Saharawi citizens in the Smara city of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco. That’s what Team Media reported in their Twitter account, where they posted a video that shows the aggression that occurred last Friday.

According to the Saharawi diplomatic correspondence website, three Saharawi citizens were intercepted in their car by a group of agents of Moroccan auxiliary forces armed with stakes that attacked them, pushed them out and beat them repeatedly.

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PUSL.- Political activist and journalist Salah Eddine Lebsir was released today after serving a four-year sentence.

Salah Eddine Lebsir was arrested on 6 June 2015 for participating in peaceful demonstrations in the city of Smara, claiming the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people. He is a political activist and journalist known to the Moroccan authorities. Lebsir was sentenced to four years having finished his sentence today.

During the period of incarceration, he undertook several hunger strikes, demanding humane treatment and respect for his basic rights.

Lebsir reported that he had been tortured by the Moroccan authorities before the court without any investigation being initiated by Morocco.

The journalist went through several prisons in Morocco, hundreds of kilometers away from El Aaiun (capital of Western Sahara).

The PUSL team conveys to comrade Lebsir our full solidarity and congratulations on his release.

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Hmad Hamad, Saharawi activist threatened with detention and victim of insults

PUSL.- CODAPSO vice-president, Hmad Hamad traveled from El Aaiun to Smara in the occupied territories of Western Sahara on Friday when he was detained at a checkpoint.

Hamad was to meet with other Saharawi activists in the town of Smara when he was detained at the checkpoint at the entrance to the City for an hour.

The agents of the Moroccan occupation authorities insulted Hamad and threatened to send him to prison. The insults and threats suffered are the result of his non-violent activity as an activist of the Saharawi cause.

After an hour of intense discussion and quick denunciation of what was happening by Smara activists on social networks, Hmad was released.

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