Saharawi population in El Aaiun under siege of occupation forces

PUSL.- Since 20 July, Moroccan occupation authorities have swept the streets and homes of El Aaiun (the capital of occupied Western Sahara) in search of young Saharawi and carrying out arbitrary detentions and using firearms against the population

After the victory of the Algerian team in the CAN, thousands of Saharawi took to the streets celebrating and claiming the independence of Western Sahara. The victory of the Algerian team was the motto to take to the streets and break the imposed silence.

As can be seen in the video the streets of El Aaiun are full of police, gendarmerie and auxiliary forces that shoot at Saharawi citizens indiscriminately. Trucks with water cannons “cleaned” the streets of protesters. The death on the night of 20 July of a young Saharawi woman run over by the Moroccan authorities in a 4×4 car, provoked even more protests.

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