BNG will bring initiatives to the European Parliament in favour of the Saharawi people in response to the repression of Morocco BNG (Galician Nationalist Bloc) spokeswoman in Europe and international area coordinator Ana Miranda met with the Galician Association of Saharawi People’s Solidarity (SOGAPS), the Polisario Front delegate in Vigo and the president of the Galician Association of Friends of the Sahara People, Maite Isla, to convey all the support of the nationalist formation to the situation of repression in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, after the death of an activist and the harassment of the Saharawi fighting for the defence of their people.

In this context, the bloc calls on the state government to abandon its “lukewarm attitude” towards Morocco, taking into account “the situation of social injustice experienced in the country, which translates into demonstrations and a climate of political instability that even the Moroccan monarch was forced to admit to the situation of social tension and inequality in the country – an unprecedented fact, ”said BNG’s spokeswoman in Brussels.

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