Saharawi civil disobedience Moroccan counteroccupation. Break with the Moroccan ID

Saharawi Reality Journal / DLRS. Bahia Mahmud Awah 11/11/2019


Saharawi civil disobedience anti Moroccan occupation. Break with the Moroccan ID

“Morocco has occupied our land and murdered our people in the name of religion. How could we share with them a religious holiday?”, Hmad Uld Ali Uld Bachir, aka Hmad Hammad.

Exploring this new issue of Saharawi civil disobedience under the laws of the Moroccan occupation regime, we might recall Nelson Mandela and his book “The Long Road to Freedom, an autobiographical work in which Madiba portrays details of his peaceful struggle against apartheid rule. How ANC militants diversified their methods of fighting apartheid’s South African racist regime, one of which was what Mandela called “civil disobedience.” Diversification of the struggle to defy apartheid’s civil laws, backed by Anglican Church that sympathized with the regime against blacks, a bet Nelson Mandela described in his confrontation with apartheid: “The church approved this policy and contributed to the religious base of apartheid, suggesting that Afrikaners were God’s chosen people, while blacks were a species subordinate to them. In the Afrikaner view of the world, apartheid and religion marched side by side. “In the same vein, this expression of Saharawi militant Hmad Uld Hammad:” Morocco has occupied our land, kidnapped, murdered and buried our living relatives and compatriots. In the name of religion. How are we going to share with it a religious date of agreement that it uses against us?

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