Morocco condemns young Saharawis activists

PUSL.- Young Saharawi activists were sentenced from one year to two and a half years in prison by a Moroccan court in El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara on false charges.

The judgments were delivered by the El Aaiun Court of Appeal on 4 September. In addition to imprisonment, juveniles will be required to pay a fine of 30,000 dirhams (about 3,000 euros) each as alleged compensation for damage to Moroccan security forces that maintain the illegal occupation of the territory.

The verdict of two years, was given to Ali Mahrouk, Sufian Bougnour, Al-Hafiz Ayyash, El Jalil Bluz and Abderahman Talbi.

Hafez Riahi, Akai Adoueihi, Mohamed Aali El Kori, Erguibi Saidalizid and Salek Boussoula were sentenced to two and a half years.

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Brazil’s Força Sindical supports Saharawi cause

São Paulo, September 3, 2019 (SPS – PUSL) – Representative of the Polisario Front in Brazil, Emboirik Ahmed, was received by Mr. Miguel Torres, president of the “Força Sindical” confederation of Brazilian Trade Unions, at his headquarters in the city of São Paulo , according to a source of the POLISARIO Front Representation in Brazil

At the meeting, both parties discussed the situation in Brazil and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, agreeing to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Brazilian and Saharawi workers.

Ahmed had the opportunity to explain to the president of Força Sindical the most relevant events that shape the political, social and work reality of Western Sahara.

Torres expressed his organization’s solidarity with the Saharawi cause and his willingness to take action to enable greater understanding of the Saharawi process in Brazil.

Força Sindical is one of the biggest trade unions federations of Brazil, with more than 1300 federated unions and several millions of members.

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