Ali Saadoni Saharawi political prisoner released and kidnapped

PUSL.- According to our source Ali Saadoni who ended his prison sentence yesterday, was released during the dawn but “disappeared” in front of Bouzakarn prison being put in a car by unknown persons that are suspected to be from the secret police.

The political prisoner has been ill treated and tortured during his entire detention time and his daily medicine for a chronical disease was never given to him.

Mr. Saadoni has visible scars of the ill treatment and torture and it is unclear if the “abduction” was intended just to prevent a reception at the exit of the prison by the saharawi activists or if his health status is so alarming that the Moroccan authorities want to hide him.

Ali Saadoni’s mother, reported that on Monday’s visit on August 5, her son had visible scars on both hands and wrists and was handcuffed. Saadoni told his mother that he has been in total isolation since June 21 when he was transferred at 3 am from El Aaiun prison in occupied Western Sahara to Bouzakarn prison in Morocco.

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