PUSL.- The family of Mohamed Bourial informed that the political prisoner of Gdeim Izik group was transferred back to Tiflet2 this tuesday after being 82 days in Bouzakarn since 21st of June.

The Bouzakarn prison management kept all belongings of Mr. Bourial. During his stay in Bouzakarn prison he was in prolonged solitary confinement, as it is the case in Tiflet.

In Tiflet there are four of the Sahrawi political prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik. El Bachir Khadda, Abdallahi Abbahah , Mohamed Lamin Haddi and Mohamed Bourial.

Tiflet is the prison farther away from El Aaiun and where the ill-treatment and isolation of the Saharawi political prisoners has been a constant.

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Saharawi political prisoner Saadoni arrives home after hours of kidnapping by police

PUSL.- Ali Saadoni arrived home in El Aaiun late yesterday afternoon, after nearly ten hours of kidnapping by Moroccan police.

Yesterday at dawn the Saharawi political prisoner was released after serving a 7-month sentence, leaving the prison he was immediately placed in a police car.

After hours of unknown whereabouts, he arrived home in the late afternoon.

The Moroccan authorities are trying at all costs to avoid demonstrations and welcome receptions to Saharawi political prisoners.

Receptions in front of prisons and on the streets are a clear sign of the non-surrender of the Saharawi people to the occupation.

Ali Saadoni is a well-known Saharawi independence activist who uses nonviolent resistance as a means of protest.

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