The Polisario Front rejects the construction of an Atlantic port and strongly condemns Morocco’s expansionist policies in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

New York, September 19, 2019 (SPS) -. The POLISARIO Front delegate at the United Nations strongly condemned Morocco’s expansionary policy in the Occupied Areas.

In separate letters to Mr. Jean-Pierre La Croix, United Nations Assistant Secretary General in charge of Peace Operations, and Mr. Colin Stewart, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Western Sahara, respectively, by Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, a POLISARIO representative at the United Nations, expressed his rejection of the construction of a “new Atlantic port” with extensive infrastructure about 70 kilometers north of Dakhla in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

The POLISARIO Front warns that the Moroccan project to be implemented in the occupied city of Dakhla is another example of Morocco’s annexation policies designed to perpetuate and normalize its military occupation and the illegal annexation of parts of Western Sahara in flagrant violation of international law.

To the UN POLISARIO delegate, denounces that the new Moroccan project is a provocative and dangerous act that goes against the spirit of the peace plan and violates Security Council resolutions, including resolution 2468 (2019), which urged the parties to “abstain take any action that may undermine the negotiations facilitated by the United Nations. ”

It is also a new tool through which Moroccan occupation status will intensify looting and massive depletion of the region’s natural resources, warns Polisario.

The Saharawi representative of the United Nations recalled the recent letter sent by the Secretary General of the POLISARIO Front, President Brahim Gali to the Security Council, which drew the Council’s attention on the destabilizing actions of Morocco that threaten to undermine the UN peace process in the Western Sahara.

In this regard, the Saharawi diplomat highlighted, in particular, the statement by the Saharawi president that while the POLISARIO Front continues to fully fulfill its obligations under the ceasefire and related military agreements, the Saharawi people retain their legitimate right to respond to all acts of aggression and Moroccan threats.

Dr. Omar urged the international community to take responsibility and take the necessary steps to ensure that Morocco refrains from its provocative actions that only aggravate the situation on the ground and undermine any possibility of advancing the already fragile peace process. United Nations in Western Sahara.

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