Abdel Jalil Laaroussi, Saharawi political prisoner operated this morning

PUSL.- Maitre Olfa Ouled, the attorney of Saharawi political prisoner Abdel Jalil Laaroussi, said her client underwent a surgery this morning in Rabat.

We recall that the UN Committee against Torture issued urgent measures demanded by the attorney of Mr. Laaroussi.

Although not seen by a doctor of his choice as mentioned in the urgent measure of the Committee he finally had a, surgery.

Laaroussi was already unable to stand for more than ten minutes due to the condition of his knee. During his trials (in 2013 and 2017) he denounced the various tortures suffered since his arrest in 2010.

The political prisoner reaffirmed his innocence throughout the process and before the courts.

Mr. Laaroussi is in prolonged solitary confinement since 17th September 2017 exiting only for the purpose of having university exams in the prison and know for the surgery.

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Saharawi journalist Walid Al-Salik, sentenced to 6 years in prison

PUSL.- Walid Al-Salik, Saharawi journalist was sentenced yesterday, 9th of October, to six year in prison in the Moroccan appeal court of El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara.

The Saharawi journalist and human rights activist was accused of the usual non proven charges of “attacks on public officials, putting up roadblocks and throwing of stones against police officers”. The Moroccan authorities resort always to the same accusations regarding Saharawi activitists and journalist but without ever bringing forward in trial any evidence or proof other that the documents written by the police and/or false confessions.

Al-Salik was arrested on the 7th of June this year with two other activists that the Moroccan authorities brutally beat at the reception of the political prisoner and journalist Salah Lebsir, who was released the same day.

As can be seen in the video below the young activists and journalist Al Salik did not attack anyone but were brutally beaten in the middle of the street by more than a dozen police agents in civil clothing and uniform. The three Saharawi citizens were intercepted in their car by a group of agents of Moroccan auxiliary forces armed with batons that attacked them, pushed them out and beat them repeatedly.

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