PUSL.- On October 12, 1975, the Saharawi National Unity was proclaimed in the Ain Bentili region. Day in which all the Saharawis announced their adherence to the principles of the Polisario Front and their total willingness to sacrifice and to embrace the armed struggle for the liberation and independence of Western Sahara from colonialism and subsequently against the Mauritanian and Moroccan occupiers.

Forty-four years later this spirit of sacrifice and struggle remains intact.

On this date the Saharawi people claim their legitimate right to be recognized as a people and defend their territory.

Today, Morocco continues to illegally occupy Western Sahara and implement a policy of repression and torture against the legitimate owners of this territory. Tortures, imprisonment and disappearances fail to overcome the strong will of the Saharawis to recover what belongs to them by justice.

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Saharawi students prevented from studying – in protest for over two weeks

PUSL.- A group of 20 young students have been protesting for two weeks in Rabat in front of the University building claiming their right to enroll.

Eight students were prevented from enrolling at Rabat University in law and social science courses. The officials told them that the University Board claims that they are not entitled to enroll because they are neither resident in Rabat nor have their IDs been issued in Rabat.

This argument does not, however, apply to Moroccans arriving from all over the Kingdom of Morocco and even from the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

This measure is not unique to Saharawi students who find it more difficult year after year to pursue their higher education.

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