The ongoing crime of Genocide in Western Sahara by Morocco

PUSL .-After the invasion of Western Sahara in 1975 by the Moroccan Kingdom and until the cease-fire agreement in 1991, an endless list of war crimes were committed by the Moroccan invaders against the Saharawi civil population, amongst them the bombing with Napalm and White Phosphorus of the civil population, civilians thrown out of planes, massacres and mass murders, forced disappearances, incarceration in secret prisons and torture of children, women and men amongst others.

It would be expected that with the cease-fire agreement signed by the Moroccan Kingdom and Polisario Front, the legitimate representative of the Saharawi, under the auspices of the United Nations and the African Union and the presence of a UN Mission on the ground the Genocide would come to a halt, but it did not.

The Kingdom of Morocco not only does not respect the signature of the cease fire, tries continuously to occupy the Guergarat region enlarging the area of occupied territory, but also attacks the civil population, robes the natural resources and makes illegal trade agreements. The Kingdom does not stop there however, it also expelled MINURSO functionaries without any reprisal from the security council.

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