Trial of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir postponed to the 27 of November, family house under siege

PUSL.- Mahfouda Lefkir was again presented in court today. Defense attorney Erguibi’s request for parole was rejected by the king’s prosecutor. The trial has been postponed to November 27.

Mahfouda is in alarming health situation with neurological complications that got worse after being beaten on 15 November when she was detained in the El Aaiun courtroom.

The refusal by the Moroccan authorities to let the family deliver the medicines Mahfouda has to take on a daily basis and the fact that they have injected her with a tranquilizer without knowing her medical history is particularly alarming.

Before going to court today at 1 pm her father was allowed to speak to her for a few minutes. Mahfouda said that when she was attacked by police she hit her head on the floor and that he is still has dizziness.

The young mother will have to await trial in the black prison of El Aaiun. Since this afternoon the family house of Mahfouda has been under siege by all Moroccan occupation forces. Tensions in El Aaiun are rising, Moroccan authorities are reinforcing the contingent and means of repression in the city.

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Saharawi Community and Associations in France and Belgium address Morgherini about the arbitrary detention of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir

To Mrs. Federica Mogherini
High Representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy

We, the Collective of Saharawi Associations in France and Belgium, have learned that activist Mahfouda Lefkir was arrested on Friday, November 15, 2019 by the Moroccan occupation authorities, while she was attending the trial of her cousin Mansour Othman, aged 15, who was sentenced to 1 month in prison. Mansour was arrested on October 28 and accused of having participated in the celebrations of the victory of the Algerian team in the African Cup.

The young mother, member of the association “Coordination of Gdeim Izik” and the Moroccan Association of Human Rights, was arrested inside the courtroom of the court of El Aaiún under the pretext of “assaulting an official” when she asked about her cousin’s case.

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