Conditions of detention of Mahfouda, Saharawi activist, violate UN Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

Mahfouda Lefkir was visited today by her Father and children. The young Saharawi mother and activist has been detained since 15 November (see news here).

According to Mr. Bomba, Mahfouda’s father, the conditions of detention to which she is subject do not correspond to the Nelson Mandela Rules – NMR (UN Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners).

In addition to continuing with severe headaches resulting not only from her previous medical condition but also from the attack and beatings received by the guards when they removed her from court and forced her into a van of male prisoners, she suffer from extreme dizziness.

The medication she needs to take daily is in the form of drops that have to be mixed with water. The guards who are now giving her medication do not prepare the mixture in front of her, and Mahfouda refuses to take the glass of water since she does not trust the guards.

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