Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir sentenced to six months in prison

PUSL.- According to Mr. Bomba father of Mahfouda Lefkir, the activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

The sentence is based on the fact that Mahfouda challenged the judge on 15 November at the end of her 15-year-old cousin Mansour Elmoussaoui’s trial.

Today at the end of her trial Mahfouda declared to the judge that her conviction has nothing to do with the accusation. It is a condemnation for my activism, for my work, for being a Saharawi and defending and yearning for our independence, said the young mother.

El Aaiun’s court was under police siege and there were no international observers present. At the trial were Mahfouda’s father and brothers, and some family friends.
Mahfouda’s lawyer will appeal within the time allowed by law.
The sentence exceeds by 4 months the maximum penalties usually awarded in Morocco for disrespect inside of the court.

Mahfouda’s family house is under police siege and no one is allowed to leave or enter the house.

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Italian consortium and Siemens in violation of International Law support Moroccan occupation

PUSL.- Morocco signs 377 million wind power deal between The Moroccan kingdom’s National Office of electricity and drinking water (ONEE) and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN Moroccan Nareva Holding and Italy’s Enel Green Power consortium in Rabat last week.

“Nareva Holding – Enel Green Power” consortium, associated with “Siemens Gamesa Renewables”, won the international call for tenders in 2016 for the development, design, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the 850 MW Integrated Wind Energy Project.

The new Boujdour wind farm is located about 7 kilometers northeast of the city of Boujdour (occupied Western Sahara) and the construction work set to begin in 2021.

Another Moroccan greenwashing project that disrespects International law and brings no benefit to the Saharawi population living in the occupied territories.

Each new “deal” in the occupied territories opens opportunities for more Moroccan settlers to come to the occupied territories. The Moroccan authorities deny employment to the Saharawi population but offer higher paid jobs to Moroccan settlers and also no tax payment as well as other benefits to populate the occupied territories.

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Spain exports military vessels to Morocco claiming them to be civilian ships

  • Shipping company Rodman sells military ships to Rabat without classifying them as defense material, although they may carry heavy weapons.
  • The Moroccan Army uses these Spanish armored ships and armored vehicles to perpetuate their occupation in Western Sahara.
  • Spain continued to transfer weapons to the Moroccan army after the entry into force of European export legislation prohibiting such sales. The Spanish shipping company Rodman has been selling military ships for years, making them pass as civilian ships and thus avoiding arms export controls. Many of these vessels were sent to the Moroccan Navy between 2007 and 2010 and are used to occupy the fishing grounds of Western Sahara. This newspaper also located in the same area Spanish armored vehicles used to prevent protests from the Saharawi people.

The Rodman 101 model vessels were presumably exported as “seagoing ships” or “lifeboats”, despite having a 12.7 mm or larger machine gun. According to Spanish and European legislation, the existence of such support includes these ships in the list of military equipment and subject to proper export control. Rodman, the maker of these ships, did not answer the questions of this newspaper.

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