Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir sentenced to six months in prison

PUSL.- According to Mr. Bomba father of Mahfouda Lefkir, the activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

The sentence is based on the fact that Mahfouda challenged the judge on 15 November at the end of her 15-year-old cousin Mansour Elmoussaoui’s trial.

Today at the end of her trial Mahfouda declared to the judge that her conviction has nothing to do with the accusation. It is a condemnation for my activism, for my work, for being a Saharawi and defending and yearning for our independence, said the young mother.

El Aaiun’s court was under police siege and there were no international observers present. At the trial were Mahfouda’s father and brothers, and some family friends.
Mahfouda’s lawyer will appeal within the time allowed by law.
The sentence exceeds by 4 months the maximum penalties usually awarded in Morocco for disrespect inside of the court.

Mahfouda’s family house is under police siege and no one is allowed to leave or enter the house.


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