12-year-old Saharawi boy detained by Moroccan occupation authorities

PUSL.- This afternoon Labbat Ozman, 12 years old, was arrested by Moroccan police in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, in front of Mahfouda Lefkir’s family home.

The boy was in a group of Saharawis heading to Mahfouda’s house to protest the arrest and sentencing of the activist to six months in prison. Police brutally attacked protesters, beating women and children.

During the beating the police shouted insults and racist offenses against the Saharawis.

Labbat is in the police station alone, the family is not allowed to accompany him.

The boy is the brother of Mansour Elmoussaoui, the 15-year-old Saharawi minor who was sentenced to 1 month in prison following the commemoration of the Algerian victory in the Africa Cup.

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The Spanish government spreads Moroccan propaganda about “security problems” in Tindouf

PUSL.-On the same day that the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and the Moroccan foreign minister was held, the Spanish Foreign Ministry warns of the danger of traveling to Tindouf , according to the ministry, the information is based on “reliable information from a reliable source about insecurity in the Sahrawi refugee camps” due to possible terrorist attacks from Mali and Mauritania.

Spain, seems to have recent and reliable sources that contradict the information provided on the pages of the various foreign ministries of Europe and the United States who are also unaware of the potential threats and danger of visiting the refugee camps.

Apparently Spain does not trust the UN Minurso mission in the area who patrols daily in dozens of 4×4 vehicles the zones around the refugee camps and borders of Mauritania and along the separation wall.

It is also suspicious that Spain has not added the danger information like other countries such as Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and others that advise against traveling alone to Morocco and warn of the dangers of terrorism in Morocco.

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ASAHARA – Brazil repudiates arrest and conviction of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir

Waving flag of Western Sahara and Brazil


On behalf of the Western Saharan People’s Friendship and Solidarity Association – ASAHARA, we express our repudiation of the arrest and condemnation of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir. At the same time, we want to register our support and solidarity for the struggle for the liberation of Western Sahara from the yoke and oppression of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The repression of the imperial government of Morocco tries in every way to silence the voice of the Saharawi people, who are bravely fighting for the freedom and independence of Western Sahara.

The condemnation and imprisonment of militant Mahfouda Lefkir and thousands of other activists will certainly not diminish the determination of the Saharawi people for the complete independence of Morocco.

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