Mauritius withdraw from Futsal Africa Cup of Nations in El Aaiun

PUSL.- Mauritius team followed South Africa and withdraw from the on-going Futsal Africa Cup of Nations that is being staged in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara.

The team was ordered home by the country’s Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

In CAF’s official statement we can read: “We would like to inform you that Mauritius Football Association announced its withdrawal from the Total Futsal Africa Cup of Nations, Morocco 2020 before the starting of the competition.
Hence, the matches of Mauritius vs Libye and Mairitius vs Morocco are cancelled and will not take place.”

Mauritius were only at the continental finals after South Africa boycoted the event in protest at the tournament being hosted in Western Sahara a territory over which Morocco has no sovereignity and occupies since 1975.

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Moroccan occupation forces surround El Aaiun for celebration of CAN-2020 futsal

PUSL.- The capital of occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun, is completely surrounded by the Moroccan occupation forces during the celebration of the Futsal CAN-2020 by Morocco, totally isolating the places where the various events take place.

According to information given to the PUSL, Saharawi human rights activists report that their homes are totally controlled by the police in civil clothes and uniform. They control all their movements to the point that, yesterday afternoon, a young Saharawi was arrested for displaying a Saharawi flag in front of the Nagjir hotel, where some of the teams participating in the sporting event are concentrated.

According to the same sources, the Saharawi population, despite the presence of thousands of members of the occupation forces, is ready to protest this new outrage on the part of the Moroccan occupier and the inaction of the international community.

The celebration of international sporting events in the occupied territories is another way that Morocco uses to “normalize the status quo”.

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Morocco’s frantic race taking advantage of the UN void

PUSL/Jornal Tornado.- In recent months Morocco has stepped up the pace of its “farce legitimation” of sovereignty over Western Sahara. A manoeuvre for internal consumption in a scenario of revolt and contestation by a significant part of the Moroccan population where the Sahara “morocconess” is one of the pillars and red lines of Mahjzen (state within the state) and the Alawite King, Mohamed VI, and where the illegal occupation of Western Sahara serves as a “distraction” and demonstration of power and strength

After the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union that reaffirm that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara, and the various urgent measures indicated by the Committee Against Torture concerning Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group asking for their release and opinions of the various United Nations mechanisms on the violation of human rights in Western Sahara, Morocco strikes out like a wounded animal.

It accelerates trade agreements and “greenwashing” with supposedly “green” companies in the occupied territories, the tourist offer in Dakhla, the holding of international sporting events and finally the opening of consulates of African countries after receiving “financial aid” from Morocco.

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Futsal / CAN in occupied El Aaiun: FIACS deplores the political instrumentalization of sport

APS – Algerian Press Service – LYON (France) – The International Federation against Sports Corruption (FIACS), deplored this Wednesday, “the political instrumentalization of sport, in order to normalize this arbitrary occupation”, following the domiciliation of CAN-2020 futsal by Morocco in the occupied city of El Aaiun, which is part of the territory of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD).

“The FIACS denounces Morocco’s persistence in organizing the 2020 African Cup of Nations in futsal in the occupied Sahrawi city of El Aaiun, vigorously opposing an approach which ignores international legality and the UN resolutions relating to the settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara, “said a FIACS statement sent to the APS.

“The endorsement given by the African Football Confederation to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) to organize the CAN 2020 futsal in the occupied city of El Aaiun in Western Sahara remains an attempt on the part of the Moroccan regime to to mislead certain countries which do not realize the consequences of such an approach “, adds the same source.

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Morocco and its expansionist paranoia

PUSL.- Once again, the Kingdom of Morocco has shown a total lack of respect for international agreements and laws by passing in its Chamber of Deputies two laws with which it intends to annex the waters of Western Sahara and Spain.

Morocco is an expert in the application of the old Spanish saying “Agitated river means gains for fishermen”, it already did it in 1975, illegally occupying Western Sahara taking advantage of the complicated situation of the Franco regime, with the imminent death of dictator Francisco Franco, and now does it again at the moment when Spain opens a new coalition government, the PSOE – PODEMOS, with strong opposition from the parties of the Spanish right.

This decision is caused by the great wealth of the area, as it contains underwater mountains that contain different natural resources, such as cobalt, tellurium and other minerals of great value for the industry.

The new distribution of the maritime space that Morocco intends is supposed to strengthen its control over the territory of Western Sahara, since, for the recalculation of the maritime border, it assumes the occupied territories as its own, not indicating Tarfaya as the southern limit but rather the city ​​of La Guera that has never been recognized by the United Nations or by any sovereign state as being Moroccan.

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CAF changes his meeting place and celebrations from occupied El Aaiun to Rabat

PUSL.- According to the Moroccan media the Executive Office of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has decided to change the venue and timing of its meeting, which coincides with its celebration of the 63th anniversary of its founding, from El Aaiun, occupied territories of Western Sahara to Rabat, capital of the Moroccan Kingdom.

The venue of this meeting was highly criticized by the Algerian Federation who warned that it would not attend the meeting if it would take place in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

The CAF meeting was scheduled to take place in El Aaiun, capital of Western Sahara on February 6th coinciding with the Futsal tournament which has been already boycotted by Algeria and South Africa and received protests from non-governmental organizations all over the world.

Morocco decided to host the tournament and initially the CAF meeting in the occupied territories to “show their sovereignty” over Western Sahara in one more maneuver to transform the situation in a fait accompli.

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States urge Spain to respect Saharawi rights in Human Rights Council

WSRW.- Namibia and East-Timor have today recommended Spain to respect the Saharawi people’s right to free, prior and informed consent with regard to the exploitation of Western Sahara’s natural resources.

This article is under construction and will be updated throughout the course of the day.

Spain today went through its third Universal Periodic Review; a peer review by other UN Member States of the country’s human rights slate.

Namibia and East Timor took the opportunity to raise their concerns on Spain’s involvement in the taking of Western Sahara’s natural resources, and recommended Spain to respect the international framework on Business and Human Rights, and as such, to respect the right to free, prior and informed consent of the Saharawi people to the taking of their homeland’s resources.

During Spain’s two previous UPR reviews in 2010 and 2015, not a single State addressed Spain’s continued responsibility vis-à-vis Western Sahara.

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Opening of consulates in occupied Western Sahara: AU called upon to take urgent measures

Bir Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 20 January 2020 (SPS) – The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) called on the African Union (AU) and its members to take urgent measures to bring African states to reconsider their grave decisions of opening “consulates” in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

The opening by Côte d’Ivoire, the Comoros, Gambia, Guinea and Gabon of consulates in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is a “dangerous act which violates all the principles leading to the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), in particular the intangibility of the borders existing at the time of independence in accordance with Article 4 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union,” said the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry in a press release.

Through their unilateral decisions to open consulates in the occupied Western Sahara, these African states have transgressed other African Union principles and objectives, notably its Non-Aggression and Common Defense Pact, added the source.

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Josie Butler: “We will do everything in our power to stop New Zealand from funding war crimes”

PUSL.- Josie Butler from Western Sahara Solidarity Aoteroa (New Zealand) was one of the organisers of the recent protests against the importation of Blood phosphates in New Zealand, in an interview to PUSL Mrs. Butler explained how the activists in New Zealand act in solidarity with the Saharawi People.

Josie Butler, indigenous social justice advocate from New Zealand. Gained notoriety after throwing a dildo at a politician to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Currently an organiser for the Western Sahara Solidarity Aoteroa (New Zealand) group, and has strong ties to numerous other activist groups within New Zealand and abroad.

– How did you get involved in the Western Sahara issue?

A friend told me about the issue in the middle of 2019, and asked if I could help out with some local campaigning. I had never heard of Western Sahara before, so I did some reading. When I found out what was happening I was horrified. I was even more horrified to find out that a New Zealand company was funding such an atrocity. I came across a picture of a sign that Saharawi activists had made, that said ‘New Zealand help us stop the plunder”. I decided to do everything I could to help.

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Letter of protest to CAF against holding the Futsal championship in El Aaiun

H.E. Ahmed Ahmed
President of the Confederation of African Football

The Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 that will be held from January 28th to Februrary 7th in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara is in direct violation of International Law.

Western Sahara is not part of Morocco and therefore the Futsal tournement cannot be hosted in this disputed territory who is in the list of the 4th Committee of the United Nations for descolonization.

We doubt that the CAF is not aware of this situation, but in case that its board ignores the status of the territory we kindly ask to consult the decision of the International Court of 1975, the over 50 resolutions of the United Nations over the last 6 decades, the statements of the African Union and the three recent rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union which reaffirms that “Morocco has no sovereignty over the territory”.

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AFCON – Boycotts and protests against the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 to be held in occupied Western Sahara

PUSL.- The Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 that will be held from January 28th to Februrary 7th in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara has been targeted with boycott and protests from South Africa and Algeria.

AFCON decided to ignore article 6 of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism, International Law, International Humanitarian Law and the constitutive act of the African Union in order to allow Moroccot o host the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations in the non autonomious territory of Western Sahara which it illegally occupies since 1975 and which is in the list for descolonizaion of the United Nations 4th Committee.

The South African squad announced that it will not take part in the 2020 African Futsal Cup of Nations (CAN) in El AAiun in Western Sahara from January 28 to February 7.

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