Western Sahara, a pending issue for the new Spanish government

Fotografía: Plataforma Gritos contra el muro

Miguel Urban – eldiario.es

  • The Spanish government has to take steps to stop being a problem as before and become part of the solution to the political problem in Western Sahara
  • The Saharawis have decided to move, the question is whether they will do it alone or for the first time the new Spanish government will be willing to accompany them
  • During all these years Spain has yielded to the blackmail of Morocco thinking that the Spanish public opinion would end up forgetting the Saharawis

“The Saharawis have to move so that the international community moves, we have been waiting too long to open a new stage.” These were the words of Jatri Aduh, president of the Saharawi National Council, during our meeting in Tifariti, within the framework of the XV Polisario Front Congress. A splendid summary of the general feeling that was felt in this transcendent political conference after more than 28 years of unbearable blockade by the international community after the ceasefire of 1991. Already becoming one of the oldest international conflicts in which a UN mission participates, whose only task was a referendum to be held six months after said agreement.

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