ASAHARA – Brazil repudiates arrest and conviction of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir

Waving flag of Western Sahara and Brazil


On behalf of the Western Saharan People’s Friendship and Solidarity Association – ASAHARA, we express our repudiation of the arrest and condemnation of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir. At the same time, we want to register our support and solidarity for the struggle for the liberation of Western Sahara from the yoke and oppression of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The repression of the imperial government of Morocco tries in every way to silence the voice of the Saharawi people, who are bravely fighting for the freedom and independence of Western Sahara.

The condemnation and imprisonment of militant Mahfouda Lefkir and thousands of other activists will certainly not diminish the determination of the Saharawi people for the complete independence of Morocco.

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Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir sentenced to six months in prison

PUSL.- According to Mr. Bomba father of Mahfouda Lefkir, the activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

The sentence is based on the fact that Mahfouda challenged the judge on 15 November at the end of her 15-year-old cousin Mansour Elmoussaoui’s trial.

Today at the end of her trial Mahfouda declared to the judge that her conviction has nothing to do with the accusation. It is a condemnation for my activism, for my work, for being a Saharawi and defending and yearning for our independence, said the young mother.

El Aaiun’s court was under police siege and there were no international observers present. At the trial were Mahfouda’s father and brothers, and some family friends.
Mahfouda’s lawyer will appeal within the time allowed by law.
The sentence exceeds by 4 months the maximum penalties usually awarded in Morocco for disrespect inside of the court.

Mahfouda’s family house is under police siege and no one is allowed to leave or enter the house.

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Italian consortium and Siemens in violation of International Law support Moroccan occupation

PUSL.- Morocco signs 377 million wind power deal between The Moroccan kingdom’s National Office of electricity and drinking water (ONEE) and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN Moroccan Nareva Holding and Italy’s Enel Green Power consortium in Rabat last week.

“Nareva Holding – Enel Green Power” consortium, associated with “Siemens Gamesa Renewables”, won the international call for tenders in 2016 for the development, design, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the 850 MW Integrated Wind Energy Project.

The new Boujdour wind farm is located about 7 kilometers northeast of the city of Boujdour (occupied Western Sahara) and the construction work set to begin in 2021.

Another Moroccan greenwashing project that disrespects International law and brings no benefit to the Saharawi population living in the occupied territories.

Each new “deal” in the occupied territories opens opportunities for more Moroccan settlers to come to the occupied territories. The Moroccan authorities deny employment to the Saharawi population but offer higher paid jobs to Moroccan settlers and also no tax payment as well as other benefits to populate the occupied territories.

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Spain exports military vessels to Morocco claiming them to be civilian ships

  • Shipping company Rodman sells military ships to Rabat without classifying them as defense material, although they may carry heavy weapons.
  • The Moroccan Army uses these Spanish armored ships and armored vehicles to perpetuate their occupation in Western Sahara.
  • Spain continued to transfer weapons to the Moroccan army after the entry into force of European export legislation prohibiting such sales. The Spanish shipping company Rodman has been selling military ships for years, making them pass as civilian ships and thus avoiding arms export controls. Many of these vessels were sent to the Moroccan Navy between 2007 and 2010 and are used to occupy the fishing grounds of Western Sahara. This newspaper also located in the same area Spanish armored vehicles used to prevent protests from the Saharawi people.

The Rodman 101 model vessels were presumably exported as “seagoing ships” or “lifeboats”, despite having a 12.7 mm or larger machine gun. According to Spanish and European legislation, the existence of such support includes these ships in the list of military equipment and subject to proper export control. Rodman, the maker of these ships, did not answer the questions of this newspaper.

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Sahrawi political prisoner Salik Abdi Mubarak sentenced to five years in prison

PUSL.- The second chamber of the Court of Appeal in the city of E Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara, sentenced on Tuesday 26 November 2019, Salik Abdi Mubarak to five years in prison.

The Court of Appeal and all the alleys and streets leading were under an tight police siege to prevent the Saharawi population from entering the court and supporting the Saharawi activist Abdi Mubarak.

Salik Abdi Mbarek was arbitrarily arrested in the street in the occupied city of Smara on June 7th 2019 on the day of the reception of the Saharawi political prisoner Salaheddine Labsir that was released.

Salik Abdi Mbark was brutally beaten by Moroccan intelligence officers in civilian clothes with batons.

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PUSL.- Today the court of appeal in Marrakesh sentenced the young Saharawi Lahoucine Amaadour to 12 years in prison.

Several international observers attended the trial.

The trial of Mr. Amaadour was adjourned several times. The young activist was in detention since January 17, 2019 without being tried. 314 days of arbitrary detention without trial, which is far beyond the deadline set by Moroccan law of 30 days renewable twice.

More information on this case here:

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Reception for the winners of the alternative Nobel Prize by the The Parliamentary Group “Alternative Nobel Prize” in the German Bundestag

PUSL.- This Monday, 25th November the Parliamentary Group “Alternative Nobel Prize” in the German Bundestag organized a discussion event.

Aminatou Haidar from Western Sahara, honorary winner in 2019, and Guo Jianmei from China, honorary winner in 2019 were the key speakers.

Ms. Haidar and Ms. Jianmei were honored by the international jury of the “Right Livelihood Award Foundation”. Human rights defender Aminatou Haidar received the honorary award “for her unwavering nonviolent resistance, despite imprisonment and torture, in the pursuit of justice and self-determination for the people of Western Sahara.”

A few days before the awards ceremony in Stockholm, Aminatou Haidar and Guo Jianmei came to Berlin to present and discuss their work in the Parliamentary Group on the Alternative Nobel Prize.

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Final Resolution European Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People (EUCOCO)

The European Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People demands that Spain denounce the Madrid agreements with which Morocco justifies the occupation of Western Sahara

More than 400 people, members of associations, solidarity committees, political, social, trade union, youth organizations, NGOs, intellectuals and artists, met on November 22 and 23 in Vitoria-Gasteiz and have agreed to launch a political campaign of International solidarity with the Saharawi people. Institutional delegations from different countries have participated in the conference: Algeria, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, France, Panama, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland. In the Saharaui Delegation, headed by the Prime Minister of the SADR, Mohamed Elouali Akeik, several ministers, parliamentarians, and members of organizations such as UNMS, UJSARIO and AFREPEDESA have taken part.

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Protesters plan flotilla to meet phosphate-laden cargo ship arriving in Christchurch – PUSL.- Protesters are planning a waterborne flotilla in Lyttelton harbour to protest a ship carrying phosphate from Western Sahara for Ravensdown Fertiliser.

A union representing port workers has concerns about safety, and is disappointed its alternative protest, a letter delivered to the ship’s crew, was rejected by Ravensdown.

Ravensdown said it is trading legally and within United Nations’ expectations.

Cargo ship Federal Crimson is expected to arrive in Lyttelton in early December carrying 51,000 tonnes of phosphate rock, after stopping at Napier Port from November 30 to December 1.

Three such shipments arrive annually. The phosphate is Moroccan phosphate exporter OCP’s cargo until it is unloaded.

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Conditions of detention of Mahfouda, Saharawi activist, violate UN Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

Mahfouda Lefkir was visited today by her Father and children. The young Saharawi mother and activist has been detained since 15 November (see news here).

According to Mr. Bomba, Mahfouda’s father, the conditions of detention to which she is subject do not correspond to the Nelson Mandela Rules – NMR (UN Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners).

In addition to continuing with severe headaches resulting not only from her previous medical condition but also from the attack and beatings received by the guards when they removed her from court and forced her into a van of male prisoners, she suffer from extreme dizziness.

The medication she needs to take daily is in the form of drops that have to be mixed with water. The guards who are now giving her medication do not prepare the mixture in front of her, and Mahfouda refuses to take the glass of water since she does not trust the guards.

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Trial of Saharawi activist Mahfouda Lefkir postponed to the 27 of November, family house under siege

PUSL.- Mahfouda Lefkir was again presented in court today. Defense attorney Erguibi’s request for parole was rejected by the king’s prosecutor. The trial has been postponed to November 27.

Mahfouda is in alarming health situation with neurological complications that got worse after being beaten on 15 November when she was detained in the El Aaiun courtroom.

The refusal by the Moroccan authorities to let the family deliver the medicines Mahfouda has to take on a daily basis and the fact that they have injected her with a tranquilizer without knowing her medical history is particularly alarming.

Before going to court today at 1 pm her father was allowed to speak to her for a few minutes. Mahfouda said that when she was attacked by police she hit her head on the floor and that he is still has dizziness.

The young mother will have to await trial in the black prison of El Aaiun. Since this afternoon the family house of Mahfouda has been under siege by all Moroccan occupation forces. Tensions in El Aaiun are rising, Moroccan authorities are reinforcing the contingent and means of repression in the city.

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