Koehler’s Press Release

Horst KöhlerPUSL.- After the visit to Western Sahara, the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy to this territory issued a statement that falls far short of what was expected. Koehler does not seem to want to “annoy” the Moroccan occupant and does not mention that the Saharawi population has gone in mass , demonstrating in the streets making it clear that there is no other solution other than self-determination.

The former president of Germany, former Maastricht treaty negotiator, former trilateral commission member with ties to the Bilderberg group, former IMF chairman, former chairman of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, co-chair of the African Bank for Development and author of the Marshall Plan for Africa, decided in his statement to emphasize the need for a “realistic and compromise” solution that opens the door to foreign investment and job creation in the region. He seemed more concerned with the economy and foreign investment than with the occupation and the machine of repression of the occupier. arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, appropriation of culture, imposition of Moroccan nationality on Saharawis, alteration of Sahrawi names so that they become “Moroccan”, torture, etc., etc. Read more

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Situation of the young Saharawi Eyub Ali Buyema

PUSL.- According to a press release of the Ministry for the occupied territories of the SADR the young Saharawi, Eyub Ali Buyema, 18 years old, neighbor of El Aaiún, who was studying secondary school, to which Morocco had imposed the name of Ayub Elghan, participated in the demonstrations of El Aaiún, last 28 June, 2018, when he was run over, by a police car, Toyota Brand, Model “Prado”, with license number 147251, driven by the Moroccan police agent, Mohsen Essrighni.

As a result of the abuse, the young man suffered serious injuries for which he had to be transferred to the Hassan Ben Mehdi hospital. There, the neglect of the hospital’s administrative and health staff worsened their clinical situation, given the heavy internal bleeding he suffered. On Friday, June 29, in the same hospital, the young man presented a complicated clinical picture. The young man’s family, while still at the hospital doors, was prevented from seeing him.

Once, the occupation authorities, took awareness of the seriousness of the case, they prevented his family from visiting him and, also, they did not offer any truthful information, waiting for the UN Personal Envoy to leave the territory, so as not to upset the spirits of the Saharawi population even more,, which continued to demonstrate in different parts of Western Sahara.

To gain time, Morocco, used the most ineffable and ignominious tricks.

First, they told the family that the young man was in a stable situation and that he was going to be transferred, in an ambulance, to one of the Moroccan cities for treatment. Later, already on Saturday, July 30, again, they had been informed that they were going to transfer him on a plane to the Moroccan city of Marrakech. Then, they were notified that the plane had suffered a technical failure. Read more

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Moussa Faki Mahamat proposes an “African mechanism” to help resolve the conflict in Western Sahara

Pierre Boisselet – Special Envoy to Nouakchott – jeuneafrique.com

African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat on Sunday presented a long-awaited report on the conflict between Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in Nouakchott. He advocated the creation of an African mechanism that, however, would not replace the efforts of the United Nations.

It was probably the most anticipated document of the 31st African Union (AU) summit, which was presented this Sunday, July 1, in Nouakchott. Commission President Moussa Faki Mahamat presented a seven-page report to the delegations present to relaunch the peace process between Morocco and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. This text should be studied on Sunday, July 1.

It is based on a series of interviews conducted in recent months. On the one hand, with the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and his Foreign Minister (in Rabat, 5-6 June); on the other hand, with the President of the SADR, Brahim Ghali, and his Foreign Minister (in Tindouf, June 19 and 20). But also with Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and his foreign minister (11-12 March) and with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz at the end of March. Read more

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Visit of the Special Envoy of the UN SG, Mr. Horst Köhler, to the Western Sahara.

Ministry of the Occupied Territories – SADR
Press release
July 1, 2018

The UN personal envoy arrived in El Aaiun (capital of Western Sahara) on Thursday 28 June 2018 to begin his first visit to the occupied territories in order to gain a better understanding of the real situation on the ground.

This visit is in line with what was established in the last UN Security Council resolution on Western Sahara on 27 April, which invites both parties, the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco, to enter into direct negotiations, without preconditions, to reach an agreement that provides the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

From the moment of the announcement of the visit, the Moroccan occupation authorities made every effort to avoid any sign of expression of the free will of the Saharawi people, drowning the city in a sea of ​​forces of all types and conditions of security, imposing a authentic curfew and martial law and establishing the hermetic closure of the territory to any international observer who wanted to enter. All this, with the aim of showing, before the UN envoy, the fallacy that the territory is a haven of peace and stability. Read more

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Young Saharawi between life and death for screaming “Self-determination”

PUSL.-On 28 June, on the first day of the visit of Horst Koehler, Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Western Sahara to El Aaiun, the police violently attacked the Saharawi population who took to the streets to leave a clear message to the UN: Maghreb Barra, Labadil Labadil antakrir el Massir – Morocco get out! – there is no other solution than self-determination.

During the crackdown on demonstrators a police car ran over and fatally injured young Ayoub Ali Elghan. According to the witnesses the car pushed the young man against a wall where he was”crushed”. The family reported that in the hospital he was diagnosed with a fractured basin and several other fractures, internal bleeding and head injuries.

On 29 June, the young man who was in and out of a coma and whose situation was very critical, was transferred to a chartered plane to transport him accompanied by his mother to a hospital in Marrakesh outside the occupied territories. The plane had a breakdown and returned to El Aaiun.

Ayoub is in the hospital of El Aaiun and in very serious condition.

The Moroccan authorities fearing the worst filmed Ayoub in the hospital and forced him to say that it was not a police car but a civilian car that had run him down near the houses on Smara Avenue, circulating the video on social networks. (see video 1) Read more

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Prolonged solitary confinement of the Saharawi Political Prisoners

PUSL.- The four Gdeim Izik prisoners currently held in Tiflet2 prison are being held in prolonged solitary confinement, some of them have been denied the access to books although they are currently in university exams and have no meaningful human contact.

The four Saharawi political prisoners are in different modules (housing units) in the prison and never see each other nor do they contact each other.

El Bachir Khadda is in this situation for over 9 months (285 days) since his transfer on the 16th of September 2017, having neither books, nor radio or tv. He spends 22 hours in confinement in his cell, but even the two hours he is allowed to exit he chooses to stay in the cell due to the constant harassment of the common criminals in detention, a behavior that is incentivized by the guards. When the other prisoners try to engage however in a normal conversation the guards punish them. Read more

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International Parliamentary Network in support of Sahara self-determinationd

PUSL.- The first meeting of the parliamentary network to support self-determination in Western Sahara was held in Paris, bringing together parliamentarians from various continents and aims to reinforce the work, exchange experiences and information at the level of national assemblies.

From this first meeting resulted the final declaration transcribed below:

Final Declaration

International Parliamentary Network for Western Sahara Self-Determination

Done in Paris June 22nd 2018

We, as members of the International parliamentory network for the self-determination of Western Sahara, gathered today in Paris

Point out that the United Nations resolutions organisation:

Specify that Western Sahara is a Non-Self-Governing Territory Read more

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Western Sahara: AFET Committee in the European Parliament urges EU to implement ECJ decisions

(APS.dz) BRUSSELS – The Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament has adopted an amendment to the draft report on Parliament’s recommendations to the Council on the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, urging the EU to support the UN process for the regulation of the conflict in Western Sahara and to implement the decisions of its Court of Justice concerning that territory.

The amendment tabled by MEP Barbara Lochbihler on behalf of the Group of the Greens / European Free Alliance calls on the EU Council to “implement the judgments of the European Court of Justice on Western Sahara”.

On 21 December 2016, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that the EU-Morocco association and liberalization agreements are not applicable to Western Sahara, underlining the “separate” and “distinct” status of this territory. , listed since 1963 on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories of the United Nations. Read more

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Envoy of the UN for Western Sahara will meet with the parties at the end of June

Horst KöhlerAFP.- The UN envoy for Western Sahara, former German President Horst Koehler, will meet again in late June with the parties in conflict to press for the resumption of peace negotiations, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.

According to one of these sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Koehler plans to meet with the Moroccan authorities on June 28 and 29 in Rabat. He should also travel to El Aaiun, in Western Sahara, to make contact with the blue helmets of the ceasefire observation mission (Minurso).

Another source said that the emissary should also go to Tindouf, where the Polisario Front is located, at the western end of Algeria, specifying that the precise dates of this trip have not yet been defined. Read more

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Committee of 24″ calls for accelerating the process of decolonization of Western Sahara

United Nations (New York), June 12, 2018 (SPS)

Delegations from the various countries attending the annual session of the UN Special Commission on Decolonization, known as the Committee of 24, called on Monday to resume negotiations on Western Sahara to accelerate decolonization.

The Ecuadorian representative, Diego Fernando Morejon Pazmino, who spoke at the session on the Saharawi issue, said that it is important to focus on relaunching the negotiations between the two sides, considering that thirty years of failure are unacceptable.

For his part, the representative of Timor-Leste, Mr. Mautito, asked the Committee to intensify its efforts to end colonialism, noting that in the 17 Territories live almost two million people.

Mr. Mautito recalled that the Polisario Front is the legitimate representative of the people of Western Sahara, emphasizing that the country has established diplomatic relations with the Saharawi people and recognizes the sovereignty of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic that already has its embassy in Dili. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoners Nourdine Argoubi and Fak Jhalihenna released with sentence served

PUSL.- This morning the Saharawi political prisoners Nourdine Argoubi and Fak Jhalihenna were released after having fulfilled the sentence imposed in 2016. Argoubi and Jhalihenna were detained in Bouzakarn prison.

These Saharawi activists have been detained for their continued and persistent peaceful struggle for self-determination in Western Sahara.

During the period of detention they were victims of torture, ill-treatment, medical negligence and forced to be in a cell with infectious-contagious patients.

They have carried out hunger strikes against this situation which have been denounced to varios international bodies.

PUSL conveys to these activists and their families the best wishes for a speedy recovery from the physical and psychological sequels resulting from this harsh and unjust imprisonment. Read more

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