Saadoni Saharawi activist on hunger strike – Trial postponed for the second time

PUSL.- The trial of Saharawi activist Ali Saadoni was postponed yesterday for the second time and is scheduled for next Monday 29 April.

Saadoni entered the court shouting slogans for the independence of Western Sahara and in support of the Polisario Front.

His lawyer asked the court to release Saadoni while awaiting trial, which was refused.

The Saharawi activist said in court that he had been tortured and that he was on hunger strike in protest against the ill-treatment, torture and accusations fabricated against him. He also denied that he had signed the police document with false statements.

The court was surrounded by Moroccan occupation forces and access to the building was barred from the Saharawi population and activists who wanted to attend the trial. Read more

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Saharawi activist Saadoni presented to court next Monday

PUSL.- Saharawi activist Ali Saadoni was presented to the king’s prosecutor in the court of first instance in El Aaiun, two days after his abduction.

The activist is accused of possessing drugs and violence against a police officer.

Monday April 15th he will be tried in court. He is currently detained in the black prison of El Aaiun.

Yesterday Saadoni’s family was informed that he was detained at the police station and allowed to deliver the medicines that the activist has to take daily. Read more

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Saadoni, Saharawi activist abducted by Moroccan Police

PUSL.- Moroccan police in plain clothes kidnapped yesterday night the Saharawi activist Ali Saadouni who’s whereabouts continue unknown.

Saddoni had been followed and chased all day by a civilian car of the Moroccan police in the occupied city of El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara.

During the day Saadoni and Khaliehna Elfak waved Flags of the SADR (Saharawi Arabe Democratic Repubic) in one of the avenues in El Aaiún busy. Elfak who was with Saadoni when he was abducted was let go by the police.

The well-known Saharawi activist was in prison since 2016 until 2018 because of his continuous and persistent peaceful struggle for self-determination in Western Sahara. Read more

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Two female Saharawi activists punished by the Moroccan occupation authorities

PUSL.- Ms. Gabbal Bannahi Daha (alias Juda), Saharawi activist, was informed today by the Moroccan authorities that her social aid was suspended in retaliation for her human rights activism and for defending the right of self-determination of the Saharawi people, as well as her participation in the anniversary celebrations of the proclamation of the Sahrawi republic.

Ms. Daha proclaimed that these retaliation practices would never stop her from continuing her struggle against the Moroccan occupation. In 2018 Ms. Daha had already been in the same situation and was on hunger strike until the Moroccan authorities responded to her demand after 17 days.

Ms. Aghlajilha El Ouali (El Idrissi) another activist from Smara was also punished by the Moroccan authorities by suspending her social card due to her participation in the anniversary celebrations of the proclamation of the Sahrawi republic. Read more

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