Committee Against Torture said it will visit Morocco following the reprisals against Mr ASFARI and alerts to deplorable conditions of The detention of Abdallah Abbahah

PUSL.- The Committee against Torture on August 6th discussed follow-up to concluding observations, individual communications, and reprisals under the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

The Rapporteur on follow-up to reprisals, Ana Racu, informed that the committee met with the Permanent Mission of Morocco. The Rapporteur said that the Committee had repeatedly requested the State party to issue interim measures to alleviate the deplorable conditions of Abdallah Abbahah. The lawyer of Mr. Abbahah, Maitre Olfa Ouled presented an individual complaint in his case against Morocco that has received immediate interim measures in May 2018, requesting immediate alternative measures to detention, such as surveilled house arrest, ceasing of all ill treatment and access to a doctor of is choice. Morocco did not comply with any of the interim measures.

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Abbahah Saharawi political prisoner in life danger -Morocco ignores interim measures of the CAT

PUSL.- Abdallah Abbahah, a Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik Group, who is in hunger strike since the 1st of October, was transported today from Tiflet2 prison to the hospital after he lost consciousness for several hours.

In the hospital, he was given 2 liters of serum and afterward transported back to the prison cell where he remains in prolonged confinement since 7th of May 2018.

Due to the hunger strike Abbahah has serious heart problems, vomits, has intense pain in all his organs, can’t stand or walk.

Earlier this week a female doctor visited him in prison and told him to stop his hunger strike and stop giving them “troubles” so that they could rest.

The prison director told him repeatedly to stop the hunger strike and that the Moroccan authorities have no responsibility over his health. Read more

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The UN Committee Against Torture asked for the immediate release of Saharawi political prisoner Abbahah

PUSL.- According to our sources an individual complaint was presented to the Committee against Torture (CAT) in May this year by his lawyer Maître Olfa Ouled. The CAT answered Immediately after to the request of urgent measures and asked the Moroccan Government to put an end to the prolonged isolation that Abbahah is enduring now for 8 months.

Mr. Abbahah should be released regarding his health status, the Committee said.

Interim measure are given by the CAT as a protection until the final decision on the case is given.

Maître Olfa Ouled did not want to comment on the ongoing procedures in the Committee against Torture, since these procedures are lengthy and confidential.

But the defense lawyer of 18 political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group reaffirms that she will continue to fight on the legal front to protect the life of these innocent men who are dying. According to her, all the group has to be protected since injuries are caused to their health. Read more

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