Several Saharawi human rights defenders attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

Newspaper La Realidad Saharaui / DLRS, Tuesday 04/02/2020

Several Saharawi human rights defenders were attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

The Rafto Human Rights Award, Mohamed Daddach, was attacked as well the activist Abdelaziz Biay

* Source: Saharawi human rights activists

The peaceful protests carried out by the Saharawi yesterday, Monday, February 3, in the occupied city of El Aaiun, resulted in several injuries, including the Rafto Human Rights Prize Mohamed Daddach. The protest was called by the coordinator of the Saharawi civil movements of the Intifada to condemn the celebration of the CAF Futsal Africa Cup, which Morocco organized in this Saharawi city under military occupation. Activist Abdelaziz Biay said that several civilian and uniformed agents attacked a group of Saharawi activists and former political prisoners when they took to the streets with Saharawi flags to demonstrate against the Futsal Cup that Morocco is organizing in the city. The activist, who accompanied Daddach, reported that the Rafto Prize was taken by several agents to an alley where he could not be filmed and there they carried out his aggression, with beatings, insults and vexations.

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Alternative Nobel Prize and Rafto prize beaten in El Aaiun by Moroccan authorities

PUSL.- On Saturday 11 January 2020, Aminetu Haidar Saharawi human rights activist recently awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize and Saharawi activist Mohamed Dadach – RAFTO human rights prize were beaten in El Aaiun, occupied territories of Western Sahara, by law enforcement officials of the Moroccan occupation regime.

The activists were beaten as they intended to enter the house of Ghalia Djimi and Dafa Ahmed, Saharawi human rights activists, where a meeting was to be held at 2 pm to review the recent Congress of the Polisario Front held last month in the liberated territories of Western Sahara.

By the time of the assault, more than a dozen activists were already inside the house.

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– Abdellatif Hammouchi was denounced in France for torture of the Saharawi political prisoner Naama Asfari, sentenced to 30 years in prison.

– The UN Committee against Torture established that Morocco tortured Naama Asfari.

Hammouchi is also accused of torturing several other political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group.

– The Spanish Government of the Partido Popular had already granted Hammouchi the Police Merit Cross with a red badge, the highest distinction for the members of the State Security Forces.

– Now the Spanish Minister of the Interior also honors the Chief of the Royal Gendarmerie of Morocco.

Alfonso Lafarga.- Contramutis .-Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard to the highest anti-terrorist chief in Morocco, Abdellatif Hammouchi, denounced in France for torture of the political prisoner Saharawi Naama Asfari.

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Moroccan authorities stormed the funeral prayer of known Saharawi rapper FLITOX

PUSL.- Friday 28 of June the Moroccan authorities stormed the mosque in El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara, to prevent the Saharawi population to attend the funeral praying of Said Uld Lili.

Said Lili, was a known Saharawi rapper known as FLITOX, his songs advocated for the independence of Western Sahara and he featured in a documentary on the reality of the illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco.

Said Lili died on Sunday, June 23, in an attempt to emigrate to the Canary Islands with a group of 36 people in a boat. 20 more died in this attempt. His death of that of his boat companions occurred in mysterious circumstances and no investigation was initiated.

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Amnesty Internacional – Moroccan authorities use unnecessary force

PUSL.- Non-governmental organization Amnesty International denounced on Tuesday the pressure exerted by the authorities of the Moroccan occupation against peaceful demonstrations in the occupied Sahrawi cities.

In its annual report Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Review of 2018, Amnesty International highlights the repression and human rights violations exerted by the authorities of the Moroccan occupation against the Saharawi population in the occupied territory of Western Sahara. Read more

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Saharawi activist Sultana Jaya seriously injured after an assassination attempt by Moroccan agents

Source: Diario La Realidad Saharaui, DLRS

El Aaiun / Occupied territories. The activist and human rights defender Sultana Jaya is at home after an assassination attempt committed by a group of police from the Moroccan occupation administration in the Saharawi city of El Aaiun. Several Sahrawi media this Friday have echoed this news. Sultana Jaya last Thursday was participating in the peaceful protests to which the Sahrawi population was summoned by the Saharawi social and human rights movements to denounce the plundering by Morocco of the natural resources of the occupied territories of Western Sahara during the visit of a delegation of the European Commission.

The activist still does not have the strength to speak, she is convalescing in her house. Her sister is the one who attended the Saharawi information activists who visited her today at her home. Her body is clearly full of bruises, due to the blows to which she was subjected in an alley where she was forcibly taken by a group of Moroccan police agents when they were dispersing the Sahrawi protesters on the main avenue of the city, avenue Smara. Read more

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Human rights Morocco – Western Sahara: MEPs Express major concern

PUSL.- Tuesday in the European parliament in Brussels during a session of droi (subcommittee for human rights of the European parliament) dedicated to the human rights situation in Morocco and Western Sahara several MEPs expressed their serious concerns about the many violations observed on the ground and denounced at international level.

During an Exchange of views with the President of the Moroccan National Council for human rights (cndh), Driss El yazami, the Galician MEP of BNG, Ana Miranda said that she is “very worried” with the “serious violations” of the rights of Saharawi political prisoners, including the group gdeim izik and forced disappearance of saharauis, of which were recently reported new cases.

Recalling “serious attacks” on fundamental rights of Saharawi prisoners that are “victims of detention in isolation, mistreatment and torture” Miranda asked if Morocco would decide one day to respect the convention against torture and other cruel , inhuman or degrading treatments that the kingdom ratified but so far not implemented in practice.

She denounced as such, the ” unfair trial” of the gdeim izik group and the heavy convictions, lamenting the disregard of their fundamental rights. Read more

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