Moroccan occupation authorities kill a girl and wound dozens

PUSL.- During the night and dawn of 19-20 July the Moroccan occupation authorities brutally invested against the Saharawi population who took to the streets after the victory of the Algerian team in the CAN (African Cup of Nations).

The young Sabah ment Ozman, 23, was struck by a vehicle of the occupation forces on Smara Avenue in El Aaiun, and was immediately killed. It was not until one o’clock in the morning when the news of the young woman’s death was reported on social networks and confirmed shortly afterwards to PUSL by sources on the ground, members of the Nushatta Foundation and Codapso.

Reports of police attacks continued throughout the night. The number of total injured is not confirmed. Children and young people who filled the streets to celebrate the Algerian victory and also demand the independence of the Sahara were not spared.

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Thousands of Saharawis on the streets celebrating Algeria’s victory

PUSL.- Thousands of Sahrawis filled the streets of the cities occupied by Morocco in Western Sahara.

The Sahrawi population went out to express their joy at the victory of the Algerian team and passage to the final of the African Football Cup (CAF) and simultaneously demanding the self-determination and independence of Western Sahara.

Algerian and Saharawi flags were displayed by the population shouting “1,2,3 vive l’Algerie” (1,2,3 live in Algeria) and “Labadil Labadil Antakrir al Massir” (there is no other solution but self-determination).

Shortly after the demonstrations began the Moroccan occupation forces began to dismantle and attack the demonstrators.

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A flag of Western Sahara in the CAN of soccer provokes protests of Morocco

By  Jesús Cabaleiro Larrán – Periodistas En Español .The appearance of the flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and the Saharawi territory separated from the Moroccan in the sale of tickets of the African Confederation of Nations (CAN) of football that will run from June 21 to July 19 in Egypt has motivated protests of Morocco.

In particular, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) contacted the CAN organization to withdraw the Saharawi flag from the ticketing portal, which is in three languages, Arabic, French and English. A protest letter was sent but they were informed that the platform that manages this page is abroad.

The company that manages it, Get Group, is headquartered in Dubai with subsidiaries in Egypt, Canada, Latin America and Saudi Arabia. Read more

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