Galician Solidarity Co Pobo Saharaui puts its volunteers at the service of the fight against COVID-19

PUSL.- At the initiative of Galician Solidarity with Pobo Saharaui (SOGAPS), more than 300 people from all over Galicia, among the group of volunteers from the NGO itself and friends, are coordinated to make masks, gowns and caps to equip hospitals, health centers, homes of elderly people and other groups that today are struggling to end this pandemic.

In a conversation with Maite Isla (President of SOGAPS), she explains that all this work was carried out from the beginning, coordinated with the relevant administrations. The list of the first group of volunteers available was sent to Cristina Pichel, Director General of Youth, Participation and Volunteering at Xunta de Galicia

“Also from SOGAPS, we quickly contacted the Department of Health to find out what type of fabric was the most suitable. After that, we received a visit from Julio Comesaña, head of the Sanitary Area of ​​Vigo who took one of the gowns that were being made and that, after his analysis and some corrections by Amparo, supervisor of Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro, in Vigo, received the green light acknowledging that it was the best they had ever seen “, says Maite Isla.

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Esquerda Unida (Galicia) denounces “cynical” attitude of the European Commission regarding Morocco and the to plunder the Saharawi resources

PUSL .- Izquierda Unida has released a press statement today in which it characterizes the response of the European Commission (EC) as cynical. The response in question is related to on the question put forward by the MEP Paloma Lopez of this political party asking whether the EC condemns the Moroccan action when trying to legitimize the occupation of Western Sahara, with the appropriation of Dakhla as a Moroccan city, or its attitude towards the constant breach of the agreements of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on fisheries matters. These questions where put forward last October on the occasion of the participation of the company Atlas Pelagic, based in the Saharawi city of Dakhla, in the Fair of Frozen Products of Vigo (Conxemar).

Atlas Pelagic, a Moroccan company dedicated to plundering the natural resources of Western Sahara, which represents a violation of the judgments of the European Court of Justice, which has expressed in three rulings that Western Sahara is not a Territory subject to the sovereignty of Morocco. “It is intolerable to continue seeing cases of Moroccan companies that take advantage of the plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara, becoming accomplices of an illegitimate military occupation by participating in the sacking of the Saharawi people,” said the national coordinator of the United Left, Eva Solla. Read more

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