Demonstrations in El Aaiun celebrating the first armed action of POLISARIO

PUSL.- Saharawi men, women and children took to the streets on 20 May in El Aaiun, celebrating the anniversary of the first armed action of the Polisario Front.

Despite the police and military siege and Moroccan auxiliary forces, to avoid demonstrations throughout the occupied Western Sahara, the Saharawi people took to the streets demonstrating.

The 20th of May, is celebrated yearly in spite of all the repression and tight control of the occupying forces that suppress any demonstration.

In the neighborhood of El Arak in El Aaiun, a group of Sahrawis managed to escape the police siege and demonstrated at 11 pm as you can see in the video.

Demonstrations in the occupied territories are increasingly difficult. The Moroccan authorities are preventing the grouping of Saharawis at all costs so that demonstrations do not take place.

Whole neighborhoods are under continuous police siege and secret police are present in every city. Read more

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El-Aaiun sieged by Occupation Forces

Equipe Media April 25, 2019 – El-Aaiun – Occupied Western Sahara

On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Moroccan occupation forces were deployed throughout occupied El-Aaiun to prevent demonstrations demanding a referendum in addition to the release of all Saharawi detainees who are in Moroccan prisons, and to put an end to the looting of Sahrawi natural resources.

The Coordination of human rights associations in El-Aaiun did not specify a place for the demonstration. While hundreds of Moroccan police officers both in civilian clothes and uniform blocked not only Essmara street but all the streets in the city centre trying to prevent the protesters from gathering there.

Meanwhile Several protesters have suffered the repression by Moroccan occupation forces next to the Nagjir hotel, housing MINURSO staff. Read more

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Morocco disperses demonstration of the Saharawi population during the visit of Embassies

PUSL.- Yesterday, the Sahrawi population once again took to the streets of El Aaiun in the occupied territories of Western Sahara in a non-violent demonstration to show their protest and demand self-determination during the visit of representatives of several embassies to the city.

The Moroccan occupation forces immediately dispersed the demonstration with several police elements for each demonstrator, thus preventing representatives of the embassies of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and Australia from seeing the protests of the Saharawi population.

The team of the Sahrawi media Bentili, however, managed to obtain images of the demonstration. Read more

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Situation of the young Saharawi Eyub Ali Buyema

PUSL.- According to a press release of the Ministry for the occupied territories of the SADR the young Saharawi, Eyub Ali Buyema, 18 years old, neighbor of El Aaiún, who was studying secondary school, to which Morocco had imposed the name of Ayub Elghan, participated in the demonstrations of El Aaiún, last 28 June, 2018, when he was run over, by a police car, Toyota Brand, Model “Prado”, with license number 147251, driven by the Moroccan police agent, Mohsen Essrighni.

As a result of the abuse, the young man suffered serious injuries for which he had to be transferred to the Hassan Ben Mehdi hospital. There, the neglect of the hospital’s administrative and health staff worsened their clinical situation, given the heavy internal bleeding he suffered. On Friday, June 29, in the same hospital, the young man presented a complicated clinical picture. The young man’s family, while still at the hospital doors, was prevented from seeing him.

Once, the occupation authorities, took awareness of the seriousness of the case, they prevented his family from visiting him and, also, they did not offer any truthful information, waiting for the UN Personal Envoy to leave the territory, so as not to upset the spirits of the Saharawi population even more,, which continued to demonstrate in different parts of Western Sahara.

To gain time, Morocco, used the most ineffable and ignominious tricks.

First, they told the family that the young man was in a stable situation and that he was going to be transferred, in an ambulance, to one of the Moroccan cities for treatment. Later, already on Saturday, July 30, again, they had been informed that they were going to transfer him on a plane to the Moroccan city of Marrakech. Then, they were notified that the plane had suffered a technical failure. Read more

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Young Saharawi between life and death for screaming “Self-determination”

PUSL.-On 28 June, on the first day of the visit of Horst Koehler, Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Western Sahara to El Aaiun, the police violently attacked the Saharawi population who took to the streets to leave a clear message to the UN: Maghreb Barra, Labadil Labadil antakrir el Massir – Morocco get out! – there is no other solution than self-determination.

During the crackdown on demonstrators a police car ran over and fatally injured young Ayoub Ali Elghan. According to the witnesses the car pushed the young man against a wall where he was”crushed”. The family reported that in the hospital he was diagnosed with a fractured basin and several other fractures, internal bleeding and head injuries.

On 29 June, the young man who was in and out of a coma and whose situation was very critical, was transferred to a chartered plane to transport him accompanied by his mother to a hospital in Marrakesh outside the occupied territories. The plane had a breakdown and returned to El Aaiun.

Ayoub is in the hospital of El Aaiun and in very serious condition.

The Moroccan authorities fearing the worst filmed Ayoub in the hospital and forced him to say that it was not a police car but a civilian car that had run him down near the houses on Smara Avenue, circulating the video on social networks. (see video 1) Read more

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Demonstration in support of Saharawi political prisoners in the occupied city of El Aaiun

Yesterday, April 4, on Smara Avenue, in El Aaiun, several families of Saharawi political prisoners supported by many Sahrawis took to the streets and expressed their solidarity with the prisoners of Gdeim Izik.

Moroccan occupation forces dispersed the demonstrators, while another group of Saharawis in another area of ​​the avenue next to the Nagir hotel occupied one of the roundabouts and displayed flags and shouted slogans in support of the political prisoners and the freedom of Western Sahara.

During the police intervention, several protesters were injured, including Gahli Ajnaa, wife of Mohamed Bani, a political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik, who along with other comrades began a hunger strike on 9 March. Read more

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New attacks on Saharawi demonstrators in occupied Western Sahara

On 30 March young Sahrawi unemployed people held a demonstration in El Aaiun against the exploitation of natural resources by the Moroccan occupant, for their social and economic rights, the right to self-determination and in support to Saharawi political prisoners.

The occupation forces immediately invested against the demonstrators dismantling the protest and causing several serious injuries. Read more

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Moroccan occupation forces attack and detain young unemployed saharawi

On Friday, 30th of March the Moroccan authorities detained ten members of a group of young unemployed Saharawi who made a non violent protest on top of a building, in Smara Avenue in occupied El Aaiun, next to Matala neighborhood.

The moroccan authorities dismantled by force the protest and at 18h30 detained the young Sahrawi who were taken in handcuffs to the police headquarters.

During their detention until the group was bruttaly beaten with bastons and other objects, forced to sit on the concrete floor, insulted, ill treated and menaced.

Brahim Leaajil, Khalil Balla, Lahsen Amer, Moloud Oublal, Hallab Abdallah, Zaidan Omar, Laarousi Fatan, Sidi Saaidi, Mahmoud Dahi and Charkaoui Mohamed were released at 00h30.

The families of the protesters gathered in front of the police building where they were held demonstrating their protest and solidarity.

The occupation forces also attacked and raided houses of saharawi near the protest site. Read more

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Saharan Youth and Minors detained and tortured

In the night of Saturday to Sunday after a demonstration of young Sahrawis with dozens of protesters in the city of El Aaiun in a non violent protest against the Moroccan occupation and the social, economic and political apartheid lived in the occupied territories ten students were arrested .

The occupation forces invested against the demonstrators and detained the young.

The students were abducted to an unknown location and the authorities neither informed the families nor where they were allowed to have the presence of lawyers after their arbitrary detention.

According to the report of the Network Activists News, authorities released on Monday 26 February, Mohammed al-Marwani, when his health condition deteriorated due to torture.

On Tuesday 27 February, the Saharawi students were presented to the court in El Aaiun. The surrounding courtyards were heavily guarded and under siege, no one could enter the courtroom. Families were not allowed to see their children. Read more

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The saharaui activist, Sultana Khaya defends the honor of her countries flag

Human rights activist Sultana Khaya was one of the women attacked by the occupation authorities when she participated yesterday in the demonstration for self-determination of Western Sahara and in support of all the Saharawi political prisoners detained in Moroccan prisons in Bojador.

After being thrown to the ground with kicks and blows, she took refuge in her house and hoisted the flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in her window on the first floor, as can be seen in the video.

The police who surrounded all the houses of activists yesterday in a display of cars, vans and hundreds of agents, demanded that she remove the flag. Sultana replied: I will not remove the flag of my country, the flag is my honor! Come get it yourself out if you’re really men!

In 2007, Sultana Khaya was a victim of aggression and violence by the occupation authorities who bruttaly removed one of her eyes with baton blows, she spent several days in the hospital without any assistance and with maltreatment by hospital staff that is composed only of Moroccan settlers. Read more

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