Hmad Hamad :”United Nations uses the occupied territories of Western Sahara as a military base”

PUSL.- Hmad Hamad (Saharawi activist and vice-president of CODAPSO -Committee for the Defense of the Right to Self-determination of the People of Western Sahara

The United Nations, namely MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara) has been in Western Sahara since 1991, the year of the signing of the cease-fire between the Polisario Front and Morocco. The cease-fire was based on a referendum that allowed our people to freely choose their destiny and achieve self-determination. After 28 years, we continue without a referendum and now under almost 44 years of occupation by Morocco.

MINURSO and the Security Council were not able to comply with what was determined at the United Nations and spent decades postponing the implementation of resolutions that would lead to the end of a 4-decade occupation.

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Western Sahara – now what?

By Isabel Lourenço collaborator of PUSL/Tornado

PUSL / Jornal Tornado .- Several events since the election of António Guterres as Secretary General of the United Nations led some sympathizers of the Saharawi cause to think that the resolution of the conflict would be well under way. This “trend of reflection” was also supported in social networks, blogs and the media.

In fact the enthusiasm surrounding the new Secretary-General, who for a decade was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and signed cut after cut to the humanitarian aid to the Saharawi refugee camps, always struck me as odd.

The expectations created around the former prime minister of Portugal were due to the fact that he was nice and polite, a quality that fortunately almost all politicians in Portugal from left to right share. But education and sympathy have nothing to do with political stances.

The lack of knowledge and analysis of the political career of the new secretary general, his “alliances” and “sympathies” in the international arena led to an unrealistic enthusiasm.

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Diplomacy and international relations have kept the Sahrawi in agony for more than four decades

Atabongwoung Gallous – President of Africa Solidarity for Sahara

PUSL.- On the 23rd of May, 2019, prior to Africa Day Celebration. Professor John Trimble hosted an African Liberation Day Forum at Elim Full Gospel Church in Pretoria on the theme – Revolutionary Pan-Africanism calls us to unite and forge a definitive struggle against neo-colonialism: Forward to one unified socialist Africa.

The theme is extremely interesting but I had to address the the case of Western Sahara/Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – Africa’s last colony as a retard decolonization project. Which hitherto, amongst other things is non-conformity to the dreams and aspirations of African Unity and Africa socialism or African Communalism as Professor Vusi Gumede would argue.

And while there is an Africa day celebration every 25th of May, it is evident that the Sahrawi community in the Diaspora, the Refugee camps and the occupied territory have a contrary sentiment against populist opinion of Africans who after transgressing the state of commodification from slavery, slave trade and colonialism, have become emotional beings.

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Polisario case reveals high stakes behind investors’ ESG enthusiasm

Legal action over disputed African territory affects EU links with Morocco

Financial Times / JOHN DIZARD. .- What the military calls asymmetric warfare — guerrillas fighting regular armies — has come to the compliance world.

Political movements with few financial assets, let alone military superiority, can win in court against corporate or government players.

Thanks to their ability to make use of their wins by influencing trillions of investors’ money, or sensitive sovereign wealth funds, they can generate a huge effect.

Take a case filed in the European Court of Justice on April 29 by the Polisario Front, a political group that demands full sovereignty for Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara. Its lawyers claim Brussels is violating EU human rights law by allowing, even encouraging, the import of natural resources from the territory. Read more

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Can John Bolton Thaw Western Sahara’s Long-Frozen Conflict?


The Polisario Front has created an international diplomatic presence on a shoestring budget and sees the Trump administration as its best hope in decades to gain independence from Morocco.


Members of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army take part in a ceremony to mark 40 years after the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was proclaimed by the Polisario Front in the disputed territory of Western Sahara at the Rabouni Sahrawi refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria, on Feb. 26, 2016. FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

In March, the United Nations secretary-general’s personal envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Köhler, hostedthe second in a series of roundtable talks to move a long-frozen conflict toward a peaceful resolution. This conflict has been suspended in a stalemate since a 1991 cease-fire agreement halted a 16-year-long civil war between the Moroccan monarchy and Western Sahara’s liberation movement, called the Polisario Front.

In addition to fighting the U.S.- and French-backed Moroccan military for 16 years, Polisario built several sprawling refugee camps in southern Algeria to accommodate thousands of families who fled the violence. An estimated 165,000 Sahrawi refugees, as those who fled Western Sahara are known, continue to live in these camps, as they have since the conflict began. Read more

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