His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres

Secretary-General of the United Nations


17th March 2020

The third International Decade for Eradication of Colonialism proclaimed by the United Nations will end in 2020. For forty- ve years, the people of Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, await to see their inalienable right to self-determination recognized in practice.

The human as well as the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental costs of more than four decades-old deadlock are beyond description: prolonged family separation, forced exile, an unaccountable number of persons a ected by anti-personnel landmines, living in a provisional, precarious and inhospitable situation in the Tindouf Region, systematic vio- lations of human rights in the occupied territories (including extra-judicial executions, forced disappearances, arbitrary detentions, torture, unfair trials, harsh prison sentences for political prisoners, intimidation and harassment, discrimination with respect to education, healthcare and employment, isolation from the outside world), generations living without hope, environ- mental destruction and looting of the territory’s natural resources, political instability in the region, among other costs.

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Portuguese Parliament aproves vote condemning expulsion of Portuguese activist Isabel Lourenço from Western Sahara

PUSL.- PAN MP André Nunes presented this Friday a vote of condemnation for the expulsion of Portuguese activist Isabel Lourenço from Western Sahara that was approved by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic.

Thus, the Assembly of the Republic, meeting in plenary, expressed its condemnation for the Portuguese activist expulsion Isabel Lourenço from the occupied territories of Western Sahara and called on the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco to respect the fundamental rights of human rights activists, Saharawi political prisoners. and the Saharawi people in general.

The vote was approved by votes in favor of the Left Bloc, Portuguese Communist Party, People Animals and Nature Party, The Greens Ecologist Party, Liberal Initiative and Free Party. Against voted CDS-PP (Christian Democrats) and CHEGA Party. The Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Party abstained.

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National Teachers Federation (Portugal): “Solidarity with activist Isabel Lourenço and the Saharawi People’s cause”

FENRPOF .- During yesterday’s meeting the FENPROF’s National Council expressed its solidarity with the activist Isabel Lourenço and the cause of the Saharawi People

“Solidarity with the activist Isabel Lourenço and the Saharawi People’s cause (full text).

The Moroccan authorities expelled from Western Sahara, on December 10, International Human Rights Day, the Portuguese citizen Isabel Lourenço.

Isabel Lourenço is aactivist and human rights defender in the territory of Western Sahara. She has been following and reporting for several years on the situation, the latest of which was published by the Center for African Studies at the University of Porto, of which she is a researcher. She was also an international observer accredited by Fundación Sahara Occidental in various trials of Saharawi citizens, and participated in the work of the 4th UN Commission and various initiatives of the European Parliament.

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PCP asks for clarification on EU High Representative’s response to human rights violations in Western Sahara capital

PUSL.- MEP João Ferreira of the Portuguese Communist Party requested further clarification regarding Frederica Morgherini’s response to the human rights violations that took place in El Aaiun, the capital of occupied Western Sahara that resulted in the death of a 24-year-old girl.

Vice-President Federica Mogherini’s reply on behalf of the European Commission stated:

“The EU is aware of the tragic death of a 24 year old woman in Laayoune after the Algerian victory in the African Cup of Nations. According to the Moroccan authorities, inquiries are ongoing to clarify the circumstances.

Democracy and human rights are essential components of the EU’s foreign policy and of its dialogue with partner countries like Morocco. The 14th meeting of the EU-Morocco Association Council on 27 June 2019 provided an occasion to have a high level discussion on human rights issues. The Joint Political Declaration adopted during the Association Council also emphasises human rights and common values as a key area of the future cooperation.

The European Union will follow the situation of human rights in Morocco and Western Sahara through regular contacts with the competent authorities, including the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) and its regional offices, as well as with civil society organisations and human rights defenders.”

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PUSL (Lisbon) .- On October 21, the Africana Studia journal – Western Sahara: policies OF the impass of the Center for African Studies of the University of Porto was presented at ISCTE, Lisbon University.

The director of Africana Studia, Prof. Maciel Santos (CEAUP) presented the JOURNAL dedicated to Western Sahara, which has twenty-one articles and two interviews that address the theme of Western Sahara from the point of view of various international authors.

Prof. Mourad Aty, researcher of CEAUP, briefly summarized Algerian foreign policy in the face of the Western Saharan conflict, highlighting that it is a search for a just solution for the Saharawi people. According to Prof. Aty the just solution of this conflict will bring benefits to all of North Africa (Maghreb Union).

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Western Sahara: The Politics of Stalemate – Presentation of Africana Studia – Academic Journal

PUSL.- Next Monday, October 21st, the African Studia magazine – Western Sahara: The Politics of Stalemate,  will be presented  at ISCTE, Lisbon at 18h00.

The presentation will feature a debate with Maitre Olfa Ouled, lawyer of the Gdeim Izik Saharawi political prisoners.

Dr. Ouled, who specializes in international law and works in Paris, defends 18 political prisoners from the so-called Gdeim Izik Group and has filed several international complaints on behalf of her clients who were all victims of extreme torture.

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Debate and Exposition on Western Sahara at Macaréu Cultural Association

PUSL .- On Sunday, September 29th, a debate was held at Macaréu – Associação Cultural no Porto in Western Sahara with the presence of Isabel Lourenço, a human rights activist and the opening of an exhibition on the same theme.

During the debate the situation in which the Saharawi people live since the invasion of much of their territory by Morocco in 1975 was presented.

The exhibition on Western Sahara of the organization “porunsaharalibre.org – PUSL” can be visited at this association, located at Rua João das Rules, 151 – Porto 4000-293.

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Presentation in Porto of the International Journal of African Studies: Western Sahara – Impasse Policies

PUSL .- Last Saturday, September 28th, the International African Studies Journal entitled Western Sahara was presented – the politics of Impasse.

The African Studia journal is edited by the Center for African Studies of Porto University, and number 29 was dedicated to Western Sahara.

A journal that includes articles from academics at international level and addresses the direct and indirect actors of the conflict, emerging observers, the Saharawi Arab Republic and the Lusophone area, problematic of Western Sahara and ends with two interviews with representatives of the Saharawi people. The journal articles were published in Portuguese, English and French.

The presentation took place at the Gato Vadio Association in Porto. Prof. Maciel Santos of the Center for African Studies gave a brief presentation of the journal and its objectives, as well as the methodology followed.

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Saharawi Delegation at the Avante Festival in Portugal


PUSL.- A delegation from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD) and the Polisario Front participates in the Avante Festival which takes place on September 6, 7 and 8 in Seixal in Portugal.

The delegation composed of Mohamed Fadel Polisario Front delegate in Portugal and Sidmhamed Ahmed member of the Polisario Front representation in France.

The delegation participates during the three days of the party of the Portuguese Communist Party in political activities, debates, bilateral meetings and has a political and cultural stand.

Visitors to the festival have shown great interest in the current situation of the Saharawi people. The political stand provides written information and recently published editions.

On Sunday at 15:30 there will be a moment of solidarity in the party grounds in the Aveiro area.

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MEP João Ferreira from PCP questions Mogherini about wave of repression in Western Sahara

PUSL / Jornal Tornado.- Portuguese Communist Party MEP João Ferreria questioned Mogherini, Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on the wave of repression in the occupied territories of Western Sahara against the Saharawi population in recent days.

João Ferreira warns that it is urgent to put an end to the situation and asks if Morgherini is aware of what has been done under the EU / Morocco agreement. which include human rights clauses.

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PUSL.- The undersigned organizations reaffirming their solidarity with the the Saharawi people, condemn and demand an immediate end to violence and repression that the occupying forces of the Kingdom of Morocco have practiced, with particular intensity, since last July 19.

This new crescendo of repression by the forces of Morocco happened last 19th of July, when the Saharawi population, of the occupied territories, particularly in El Aaiun, took to the streets to celebrate the victory of the Algerian football team in the final of the African Cup of Nations.

The peaceful celebrations, accompanied by the demand for independence Western Sahara were immediately violently suppressed, and news of the death of a 23-year-old girl hit by a car of the Moroccan forces and an unknown number of wounded were reported. The Moroccan forces used indiscriminate violence against the Saharawi population, including the use of real fire. Read more

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