Postponed trial of Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim)

PUSL.- The trial of Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) was adjourned again on 17 September by the Marrakesh Court of First Instance in Morocco.

The trial has now been postponed to next October 22. The young Saharawi political prisoner has been detained since January 17, 2019 without being tried. On 22 October, it will be 9 months and 6 days (279) of arbitrary detention without trial, which is far beyond the deadline set by Moroccan law of 30 days renewable twice.

Three international observers and two family members were present in the courtroom. The remaining family members and Saharawi activists were not admitted to the courtroom, despite this being a public hearing.

The young activist appeared in court dressed in the Saharawi male costume, “Daraa” chanting and shouting slogans for the independence of Western Sahara highlighting the political character of his arrest.

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Saharawi political prisoners of Gdeim Izik group in protest

PUSL.- Several political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group in the prisons of Tiflet, Kenitra, El Arjat and Ait Melloul held a 48-hour hunger strike last 16 and 17 of September.

The detainees 4 detainees detained in Tiflet (Abdallah Abbahah, Mohamed Bourial, Mohamed Lamin Haddi and El Bachir Khaddda) as well as Abdel Jalil Laaroussi detained in El Arjat have been in prolonged isolation for over a year and in some cases for over two years since their transfer from prison on 17 September 2017.

Most prisoners suffer from chronic illness or extreme torture and have no medical care.

The legal process is awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court of Morocco which has to rule on the last judgment of this group, since the second judgment took place due to the annulment of the judgment in military court which according to the Supreme Court did not show sufficient evidence and was based on documents produced by the Moroccan authorities.

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Saharawi political prisone , Ali Saadoni, transferred to Bouzakarn and placed in isolation

PUSL.- Ali Saadoni, a Saharawi political prisoner, was transferred yesterday at 3am in the middle of the night from the prison of El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara to Bouzakarn prison in Morocco.

According to our source, the political prisoner was in a bad state of health and in a general miserable state.

Upon arriving at Bouzakarn he was immediately placed in isolation.

On 29 April 2019 the Sahrawi activist Ali Saadoni was sentenced to 7 months in prison and a fine of 5000 Dirham (480Euros).

Access to the trial was restricted, only assisting the mother and sister of Saadoni but the Saharawi activists were prevented from entering as well as the translator of two Spanish lawyers accredited by the Spanish law bar.

The defence lawyer denounced the various violations of procedural procedures and asserts that it was not a trial with the necessary guarantees to be considered a fair and impartial trial. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner Amaadour presented to court, trial postponed and still on hunger strike

PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) was brought to court on Tuesday, April 16 after 90 days of arbitrary detention (maximum term of detention without trial). The court did not inform the defence lawyer, which for that reason, did not appear and the trial was postponed to June 11.

The “forgetting” of the court in summoning the defence lawyer thus causes Amaadour to remain detained for 147 days without in pre-trial detention which is illegal.

A manoeuvre often used when it comes to Saharawi political prisoners whose trials are postponed consecutively, thus extending the period of pre-trial detention far beyond the time allowed by law. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour in Hunger strike

PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) entered a hunger strike on April 9th against the extreme ill treatment and also the arbitrary denial of family visits.

The student leader was handed out to the Moroccan authorities in Nadour , Morocco, on 17th January by the Spanish authorities who expelled Amaadour after his arrival in Canaries Island without due process after his request for political asylum.

On arrival in Nadour, the young man was subjected to a first interrogation by the Moroccan authorities, based on the search and arrest warrant.

According to the information of the family Amaadour refused to sign the documents that were presented to him since the content does not correspond to his statements. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner, Mohammed Benno released

BENTILI.- The Saharawi political prisoner “Mohammed Mansour Salama Benno” was released on 28/03/2019 after spending a month and five days in the black jail of El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara.

Mohammed was arrested on 22.02.2019 after his participation in a nonviolent demonstration on Tan Tan Avenue in El Aaiun, demanding the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

The Moroccan authorities tortured him for more than 72 hours at the police station and then he was sent to the city’s black prison on Tuesday 27/02/2019. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner Mbarek Daoudi released

PUSL.- The Saharawi political prisoner Mbarek Daoudi was released this morning with time served after five and a half years in prison. Daoudi has had several trials without ever having been shown evidence of any crime committed.

Daoudi who was a victim of torture and has been on hunger strike several times, one of them more than 50 days.

Mbarek Daoudi’s legal process is rife with law and justice violations with several successive sentences, which did not take time into arbitrary detention.

Daoudi’s state of health has deteriorated during his time of detention because of the systematic medical malpractice to which political prisoners are subjected.

PUSL congratulates Mbarek Daoudi and his family for his liberation. Read more

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Saharawi political prisoner El Hafed Iazza in alarming health condition

PUSL.- The local administration of prisons in Bouzkarn, Morocco, on Thursday 28 February transferred the Saharawi political prisoner Yahya Mohammed El Hafed Iazza to a hospital in the town of Guelmim after a serious deterioration of his state of health.

Iazza has severe respiratory problems, suffers from asthma and his health has been deteriorating due to inhuman detention conditions since his arrest on 27 February 2008.

The cells he has been detained in all lack all the minimum hygiene conditions, they are full of vermin without proper ventilation and full of humidity. Read more

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Mohamed Ayoubi – without justice one year after his death

PUSL.- Mohamed Ayoubi, a political prisoner of Gdeim Izik on parole, died on the 22nd of February 2018 in El Aaiun, the first mortal victim of this group of Saharawi national heroes, unjustly condemned by the occupying regime to 20 years toile in prison. Morocco is responsible for this death one more in a long history of assassinations, torture, forced disappearances, bombing, the slow genocide of the Saharawi people will only end on the day that Morocco leaves the occupied territories and the international community assumes its responsibility.

Ayoubi who was detained by the Moroccan occupation authorities during the dismantling of Gdeim Izik on 8 November 2010, a victim of rape and physical and psychological torture for several days at both the headquarters of the Gendarmerie and the police station in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, was transferred with several detainees from the Gdeim Izik group on 11 November 2010 to Salé Rabat in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Due to the torture he suffered, he had to stay in a wheelchair during his time of detention in Salé 2 until 12 January 2011 when he was transferred to the Souissi Rabat hospital where he was hospitalized until 28 February 2011. Read more

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Laaroussi, Saharawi political prisoner transferred to Bouzakarn

PUSL.- According to his family the Sahrawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group, Abdel Jalil Laaroussi was transferred last Saturday, February 10, from the prison of El Arjat to the Prison of Bouzakarn.
Laaroussi who has been sentenced to life in prison has been in prolonged isolation since September 2017.
The political prisoners’ health conditions have deteriorated since his arrest in 2010.
The lawyer for 18 of the 19 detainees of the Gdeim Izik group, Maitre Olfa Ouled filed a complaint with the UN Committee against Torture (CAT) of several prisoners, including Abdel Jalil Laaroussi. The final decision of the CAT has not yet been published.

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