Several Saharawi human rights defenders attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

Newspaper La Realidad Saharaui / DLRS, Tuesday 04/02/2020

Several Saharawi human rights defenders were attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

The Rafto Human Rights Award, Mohamed Daddach, was attacked as well the activist Abdelaziz Biay

* Source: Saharawi human rights activists

The peaceful protests carried out by the Saharawi yesterday, Monday, February 3, in the occupied city of El Aaiun, resulted in several injuries, including the Rafto Human Rights Prize Mohamed Daddach. The protest was called by the coordinator of the Saharawi civil movements of the Intifada to condemn the celebration of the CAF Futsal Africa Cup, which Morocco organized in this Saharawi city under military occupation. Activist Abdelaziz Biay said that several civilian and uniformed agents attacked a group of Saharawi activists and former political prisoners when they took to the streets with Saharawi flags to demonstrate against the Futsal Cup that Morocco is organizing in the city. The activist, who accompanied Daddach, reported that the Rafto Prize was taken by several agents to an alley where he could not be filmed and there they carried out his aggression, with beatings, insults and vexations.

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Alternative Nobel Prize and Rafto prize beaten in El Aaiun by Moroccan authorities

PUSL.- On Saturday 11 January 2020, Aminetu Haidar Saharawi human rights activist recently awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize and Saharawi activist Mohamed Dadach – RAFTO human rights prize were beaten in El Aaiun, occupied territories of Western Sahara, by law enforcement officials of the Moroccan occupation regime.

The activists were beaten as they intended to enter the house of Ghalia Djimi and Dafa Ahmed, Saharawi human rights activists, where a meeting was to be held at 2 pm to review the recent Congress of the Polisario Front held last month in the liberated territories of Western Sahara.

By the time of the assault, more than a dozen activists were already inside the house.

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12-year-old Saharawi boy detained by Moroccan occupation authorities

PUSL.- This afternoon Labbat Ozman, 12 years old, was arrested by Moroccan police in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, in front of Mahfouda Lefkir’s family home.

The boy was in a group of Saharawis heading to Mahfouda’s house to protest the arrest and sentencing of the activist to six months in prison. Police brutally attacked protesters, beating women and children.

During the beating the police shouted insults and racist offenses against the Saharawis.

Labbat is in the police station alone, the family is not allowed to accompany him.

The boy is the brother of Mansour Elmoussaoui, the 15-year-old Saharawi minor who was sentenced to 1 month in prison following the commemoration of the Algerian victory in the Africa Cup.

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The ongoing crime of Genocide in Western Sahara by Morocco

PUSL .-After the invasion of Western Sahara in 1975 by the Moroccan Kingdom and until the cease-fire agreement in 1991, an endless list of war crimes were committed by the Moroccan invaders against the Saharawi civil population, amongst them the bombing with Napalm and White Phosphorus of the civil population, civilians thrown out of planes, massacres and mass murders, forced disappearances, incarceration in secret prisons and torture of children, women and men amongst others.

It would be expected that with the cease-fire agreement signed by the Moroccan Kingdom and Polisario Front, the legitimate representative of the Saharawi, under the auspices of the United Nations and the African Union and the presence of a UN Mission on the ground the Genocide would come to a halt, but it did not.

The Kingdom of Morocco not only does not respect the signature of the cease fire, tries continuously to occupy the Guergarat region enlarging the area of occupied territory, but also attacks the civil population, robes the natural resources and makes illegal trade agreements. The Kingdom does not stop there however, it also expelled MINURSO functionaries without any reprisal from the security council.

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76 organizations denounce and condemn Moroccan occupation and genocide of the Saharawi people in letter to the Security Council

To the honorable members of the Security Council of the United Nations

Since July 19, 2019, the occupied city of El Aaiun, in Western Sahara, has been besieged and the Saharawi population is under a brutal attack by Moroccan forces. This escalation of the situation on the ground is due to the silence of the international community and, in particular, to the absence of a mandate that includes a mechanism for the protection of the civilian population in MINURSO.

Even children have been brutally beaten and were victims of arbitrary detention. No one is safe. Moroccan occupation forces used sticks, tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and stones. Hundreds of members of the Moroccan security forces, including police, gendarmes and paramilitary forces, participated in the violent attacks that have claimed hundreds of victims. Night and day attacks and raids on the homes of the Saharawis with the destruction of their belongings and arbitrary arrests continue. Injured people cannot go to the hospital for fear of being arrested immediately. On July 20, the 24-year-old Saharawi, Sabah Othman Ahmeida, was hit by a vehicle from the Moroccan authorities and as a result of which she suffered injuries that caused her death.

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Morocco continues with arrests and raids in El Aaiun

PUSL.- According to various sources on the ground, the city of El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara continues to be the scene of arrests, identification and raids on Saharawi homes.

Moroccan occupation authorities since 19 July have kept the city of El Aaiun and other cities in the occupied territories under extreme control having transferred thousands of members of the various police, military, paramilitary and auxiliary forces who joined the huge contingent already present.

“We can’t be seen on the streets, the police are still searching and detaining young Saharawi, they want to get as many names on their lists and will later use many of these arbitrary arrests and identifications to bring us to court as they please.” T, 17 years old.

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Moroccan authorities stormed the funeral prayer of known Saharawi rapper FLITOX

PUSL.- Friday 28 of June the Moroccan authorities stormed the mosque in El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara, to prevent the Saharawi population to attend the funeral praying of Said Uld Lili.

Said Lili, was a known Saharawi rapper known as FLITOX, his songs advocated for the independence of Western Sahara and he featured in a documentary on the reality of the illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco.

Said Lili died on Sunday, June 23, in an attempt to emigrate to the Canary Islands with a group of 36 people in a boat. 20 more died in this attempt. His death of that of his boat companions occurred in mysterious circumstances and no investigation was initiated.

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Saharawi activist Ali Al-Taluki sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by the court of Smara

PUSL.- Ali Al-Taluki was sentenced yesterday to a one year prison sentence by the court of Smara, occupied territories of Western Sahara. The young man was accused of “assaulting public officials during the performance of their duties, participating in a demonstration and possession of a weapon”.

The brutal action of a Moroccan paramilitary command against Al-Taluki and two other activists is documented on video and proves that the whole charges are based on false police statements.

Moroccan authorities brutally beat three Saharawi activists at the reception of the political prisoner and journalist Salah Lebsir, who was released on 7 June. The Saharawi activists were immediately detained and subsequently brought to court.

After the brutal intervention in Smara, Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal were transferred on June 10 to the city of El Aaiun and presented to the court of appeal to the investigative judge.

Ali Al-Taluki was present at the court of Smara on the same day. Read more

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PUSL.- Souieh El Bachir was released yesterday at 5:00 p.m., after 3 days of arbitrary detention.

El Bachir was detained by the police on Sunday at 4:00 pm at the Ben El Mehdi Hospital in Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara for filming a Saharawi woman who was protesting because doctors at the hospital refused to treat her son with severe burns and to whom not even d the first aid was given.

El Bachir who was in the hospital and witnessed this situation began to record what was happening.

Immediately the police detained El Bachir who was taken to the police station where he was tortured by the police and detained for 73 hours.

On June 18 El Bachir was taken to the King’s procurator.

The video captured could prove at international level what is happening in hospitals in the occupied territories and the genocide that is practiced daily against the Saharawi people.

The judicial proceedings against El Bachir are now awaited. Read more

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Saharawi activists who were brutally beaten presented to court

PUSL.- The three activists that the Moroccan authorities brutally beat at the reception of the political prisoner and journalist Salah Lebsir, who was released on 7 June, were arrested and brought to court.

After the brutal intervention in Smara, Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal were transferred yesterday June 10 to the city of El Aaiun and presented to the court of appeal to the investigative judge.

Ali Al-Taluki was present at the court of Smara on the same day.

Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal are now detained in the black prison of El Aaiun in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

According to several sources the three activists whose attack was filmed are in a serious health condition due to the beatings and subsequent torture by the Moroccan authorities.

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PUSL.- According to Sahrawi Human Rights Activists Moroccan occupation authorities arrested Eyub Ali Buyema, a young Sahrawi at the airport in Casablanca to prevent him from travelling for medical treatment today to Algiers and arrested him.

Moroccan occupation authorities arrested Eyub Ali Buyema at Casablanca airport as he was on his way to Algiers to receive medical treatment for his injuries that resulted from an intentional attack by a police car that run him over in 2018.

The young man and his mother were surprised at the airport by the Moroccan authorities when they alleged that the young Saharawi had an outstanding arrest warrant since 2016. This allegation is fabricated by the occupation authorities since if this was true they had ample opportunity to arrest him since he has spent several weeks in hospital in June 2018. The arrest warrant would have been issued when he was 16 years old and the inability of the Moroccan authorities to find a student in El Aaiun for two years is not at all credible.

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