Brazil – Association of Solidarity and for the Self-determination of the Saharawi People, protests against violations of the human rights of Saharawis

PUSL.- Since the beginning of the occupation of the territory of Western Sahara by the Kingdom of Morocco in 1975, Saharawis have been victims of humiliation, physical aggression, unjustified arrests, torture and unjust condemnations by Moroccan courts. These facts occur daily and are only made public thanks to the dissemination of images captured by Saharawi citizens who resist the occupation, since Morocco prevents the free exercise of journalism in the territories it invaded.

A Saharawi who has documented police violence in Western Sahara, Walid Elbatal, and Mohamed El Ghazal were violently beaten and arrested in the city of Smara when they arrived at the house of Salah Lebsir who was released after four years in prison. Disproving the versions of the Moroccan authorities, a video clearly shows that the two Saharawis were approached and violently beaten by plainclothes policemen, being the vehicle in which they were surrounded by occupying police vehicles.

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We march in solidarity with the saharaui women

WORLD MARCH OF WOMEN.- Forty-five years ago Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco, with the help of the Spanish government — which abandoned its then colony, collaborated with the invasion and, to this day, gives in to the blackmail of the Moroccan kingdom to not return the land that was stolen from it to the Sahrawi people.

For 45 years the Saharawi people have been fighting to free their territory. Now Morocco wants to extend this plunder to the sea. In January 2020, the Moroccan Parliament voted to extend their territorial waters around the Canary Islands. This is an expansionist maneuver to rob the Saharawis of their share of the sea and their fishing resources, after stealing other natural resources from them: in the region invaded by Morocco there are phosphate mines, used in the chemical fertilizers that support the industrial agriculture of the green revolution.

In these more than 45 years Saharawi women have resisted courageously rwith their people in their struggle for liberation and have maintained their dignity, defying all kinds of torture, arrests, harassment, slander and the prisons of the Moroccan government. The Saharawi people live divided in their own territory, Western Sahara. It is separated by a 2,700 km long wall built by Morocco, which the Saharawis call “the wall of shame”, equipped with all kinds of military weaponry. And another part of the Saharawi population lives in subhuman conditions in exile, in the refugee camps in southern Algiers, thanks to humanitarian aid and solidarity.

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The participants of Paco Sanchez Falcón arrive in Brussels calling for Freedom for Political Prisoners and the Saharawi People

PUSL.- The athletes participating in the “Paco Sánchez Falcón Relay for the freedom of Saharawi political prisoners” arrived today at 11:30 am in Luxembourg Square (Brussels), completing the 284 km separating Paris from Brussels.

Arriving in Brussels, they were welcomed by a representative of the Saharawi community in Belgium and France, by Maitre Olfa Ouled – lawyer of the prisoners of Gdeim Izik, Isabel Lourenço of (PUSL), as well as Sidmhamed Ahmed, the diaspora’s responsable in France and Belgium, and Mohamed Sidati Minister for Europe of the Polisario Front.

The athletes received a decoration and a tribute in thanks from the Saharawi community in France and Belgium.
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PUSL.- The participants in the “Paco Sánchez Falcón Marathon for the Freedom of Saharawi Political Prisoners” have completed today the 120 km of the third stage of the four planned.

Today they have left France to enter Belgian territory.

During the dinner a meeting was held with members of the Saharawi community in Belgium, they were also received by Mohamed Hassan, president of the Association “Sahara is Not For Sale” and by Mohamed Sidati, Minister for Europe of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Tomorrow’s day, the shortest on the way, is scheduled to start at 9 am to arrive at Luxembourg Square (Brussels) at 11 am, where a demonstration will be held in which marathon athletes will participate together with the Saharawi community in Belgium, Olfa Ouled – lawyer for the prisoners of Gdeim izik, Isabel Lourenço of (PUSL), as well as Sidmhamed Ahmed, head of the diaspora in France and Belgium, and Mohamed Sidati minister for Europe. After the demonstration the participants in the marathon will meet in the European Parliament with several MEPs.
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PUSL.- On November 1, Saturday, the second stage of the four planned of the Marathon Relay “Paco Sánchez Falcón” for the Freedom of Saharawi Political Prisoners ended.

The athletes run 115 km, 10 more than they had planned, still in French territory.

All participants of the event are very excited and willing to come to Brussels with the message of justice for the political prisoners and freedom for all Saharawi people.

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Paris – Brussels Marathon begins for freedom of Saharawi political prisoners

PUSL.- On the morning of Friday, November 1, athletes Juan Manuel Sánchez Falcón, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Falcón, José Tejero Jarana and José Domingo Bellido Bernal of Lebrija, Pepe Pérez Benítez de Carrión and Ramón Silverio Martínez Becerra departed from Seville. to Paris, where they joined Saharawi resident in France Adel Abdeslam Ahmed to participate in the Paris – Brussels marathon for the freedom of Saharawi political prisoners.

Arriving at Orly airport in Paris, they were welcomed by representatives and members of the Saharawi diaspora in France and Isabel Lourenço on behalf of (PUSL).

In the early afternoon, they took part in a demonstration at Place Saint Michel, which was attended by members of the Saharawi diaspora and supporters of the Saharawi cause, as well as several French National Assembly deputies, Jean Paul Lecoc of the French Communist Party, the lawyer for the political prisoners of Gdeim Izik Maitre Olfa Ouled and the Portuguese human rights activist Isabel Lourenço by (PUSL).

After the demonstration, the marathon began, which will cover the 284 km between the French capital and Brussels in four days.

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Brazil’s Força Sindical supports Saharawi cause

São Paulo, September 3, 2019 (SPS – PUSL) – Representative of the Polisario Front in Brazil, Emboirik Ahmed, was received by Mr. Miguel Torres, president of the “Força Sindical” confederation of Brazilian Trade Unions, at his headquarters in the city of São Paulo , according to a source of the POLISARIO Front Representation in Brazil

At the meeting, both parties discussed the situation in Brazil and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, agreeing to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Brazilian and Saharawi workers.

Ahmed had the opportunity to explain to the president of Força Sindical the most relevant events that shape the political, social and work reality of Western Sahara.

Torres expressed his organization’s solidarity with the Saharawi cause and his willingness to take action to enable greater understanding of the Saharawi process in Brazil.

Força Sindical is one of the biggest trade unions federations of Brazil, with more than 1300 federated unions and several millions of members.

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Sao Paulo Forum reiterates its solidarity with the POLISARIO Front and the Saharawi Republic (SADR)

Caracas, Venezuela (SPS) .- In a warm atmosphere of joy and commitment to the cause of the Saharawi people, this Sunday, July 28, in the Venezuelan capital, the debates of the XXV Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP) were concluded, with the participation of around 700 delegates, representing more than 400 delegations of political parties, movements and social organizations, and academics, from 70 countries, who unanimously passed a resolution of solidarity with the POLISARIO Front and the Saharaui Republic (SADR).

The Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean of the SADR, Mansur Omar, and the Ambassador to Venezuela, Mohamed Salem Daha, participated in the debates and multiple bilateral meetings with a wide range of political and social forces, who reiterated their friendship and support to the struggle of the Saharawi people for their full independence and sovereignty, and their right to self-determination, in the face of the illegal and illegitimate occupation of Morocco of their national territory.

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Argentina – Autonomous CTA condemns the escalation of repression of the Moroccan regime over the Saharawi people

International Relations Secretariat
Autonomous CTA
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, July 25, 2019

The Autonomous CTA condemns the escalation of repression of the Moroccan regime over the Saharawi people

The Autonomous CTA condemns the brutal repression of the Moroccan security forces to the civilian population that participated in peaceful marches to celebrate the victory of Algeria in the African Cup of Nations 2019 in the streets of several occupied Saharawi cities. In this context, the various Moroccan security services, composed of police, intervention forces, auxiliary forces and security elements dressed in civil uniforms, intervened the night from July 19 to 20, 2019, immediately after the end of the game, with brutal violence against the Saharawis resulting in injuries and arbitrarily detained dozens of people.

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Representatives of Human Rights Organisation, Civil Society, and Solidarity Groups from Africa urge the UN for the Western Sahara Referendum

Open Letter to the July-August Presidency of the UN Security Council

Attn:H.E. Ambassador Gustavo Meza-Cuadra & H.E. Ambassador Joanna Wronecka,
Permanent Representative of Peru &Poland to the United Nations

New York – United States of America

Dear Excellencies,

As Representatives of Human Rights Organisation, Civil Society, and Solidarity Groups from Africa. We write to you with a firm condemnation of the ongoing siege in the occupied territory of the Western Sahara.

We have watched with great disdain an escalation of barbaric and violent acts of human rights abuses perpetrated against the Sahrawi citizens by the Moroccan colonial occupation forces in the city of El Aaiun on the 19th of July 2019. These acts of barbarism, torture, and human pain perpetrated by the Moroccan occupation forces on the legal citizens of the occupied territory of Western Sahara is not the first of its kind.

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Australian Committee of Solidarity adressed letter to the Securiy Council asking for urgent steps to end to the atrocities of the Moroccan regime

The Australian Committee of Solidarity with the Saharawi people on Wednesday called on the UN to condemn the Moroccan crackdown on Saharawi civilians peacefully celebrating Friday the victory of Algeria to the Africa Cup of Nations (Can 2019), while calling for an independent investigation into the circumstances of the assassination by the occupying forces of the young Saharawi, Sabah Othman Hmeida.

In its letter to the President of the UN Security Council, the Committee called on the Council to put pressure on Morocco to put an end to the attacks and its repression of the Saharawis in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

Saharawi citizens peacefully celebrating the victory of the Algerian team at the African Cup of Nations were attacked by Moroccan repressive forces using weapons such as tear gas and rubber bullets, causing many casualties, and provoced the death of young Sabah.

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