Saharawi Political Prisoner under Attack in Bouzakarn Prison, Morocco

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PUSL.- According to a statement from CODESA (Saharawi Human Rights Association) there are credible reports that Saharawi political prisoner and student “Aziz Al-Wahidi” was exposed on June 25, 2020 to an attack that put his life at risk by two Moroccan prisoners inside his cell. Aziz was strangled and beaten and attacked with a sharp object on his head and shoulders, resulting in very serious injuries.

According to sources inside the prison, these two Moroccan prisoners benefit from privileged treatment by the prison guards and a close relationship with them, and it is very likely that they acted according to orders when carrying out this attack.

This suspicion is also substantiated by the fact that the guards did not prevent the attack which they witnessed and only intervened after a group of Saharawi detainees, ran to assist Aziz.

Aziz was transported to another prison site by guards soaking the floor with blood.

Aziz is one of the members of the group of students known as the “El Uali” group who were unjustly and illegally sentenced to prision terms of up to 10 years in prison. There is no evidence or proof to support the allegations that led to their sentencing. These young people have been condemned merely for their political views.